Why are the SBOBET soccer betting and online casino websites very famous in Indonesia

Why are the SBOBET soccer betting and online casino websites very famous in Indonesia

  • March 15, 2021

If asked on average football gambling players and their online casino where do they play betting on soccer gambling or online casino, the answer is definitely on the SBOBET site. The SBOBET brand is very thick and sticks to the minds of gambling players in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Why is this online gambling betting brand so strong in the eyes of Indonesian gambling players, let’s discuss it one by one. But first we have to know who SBOBET is and how to get into Indonesia.

The establishment of SBOBET

The SBOBET company was founded in 2004 by a Malaysian national of Chinese ethnicity. Until now, the real name of the owner of SBOBET is not known because it has never been published.

Initially established, this company was still cat and mouse because it did not have official permission from the government of a country. It was only after opening an office in the Philippines that SBOBET obtained a license from the Philippine government under the supervision of First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation to be able to operate and sell its products in Asia. Over time, SBOBET started opening offices and got permission from the Isle of Man government which made SBOBET can operate and enter the European market and become a sponsor of football teams in Europe. This is what makes SBOBET very popular very quickly, will be discussed at the bottom about SBOBET sponsorship.

Entering Indonesia

Initially entering Indonesia, SBOBET was only a site that offered online sportsbook betting only. Entering Indonesia in 2006, actually in the same year IBCBET, which changed its name to maxbet, first entered Indonesia and more people are playing daftar judi bola on this site.

At the beginning of SBOBET’s entry to Indonesia, SBOBET recruited land-based porters to become partners in expanding its wings in Indonesia by dividing levels for each dealer. At that time, internet technology was developing rapidly and in Indonesia at that time there was no online betting site vacancies due to the closure of one of the online gambling betting sites in Indonesia, causing land bookies to start switching to the online world and selling products from SBOBET. .

SBOBET and IBCBET are competing to win the hearts of gambling players from Indonesia. Only then did SBOBET slowly start adding several other sports bets such as basketball, tennis, badminton, to horse racing and car races. It is here that SBOBET begins to dominate the market in Indonesia, but it is not significant. IBCBET is still looming behind SBOBET.

The best and fastest market price.

Along with developments, SBOBET provides services and a completely new online soccer betting experience for gambling players in the archipelago. Players are presented with lower market prices and these prices are very fast in the sense that long before the competition starts, SBOBET has opened the market so that both players who just come for recreation or professional gambling players can place their bets as early as possible.

With the creation of a better and faster market price, SBOBET has succeeded in embracing and attracting players as mentioned above, namely professional players and gamblers who come only for recreation. The development and growth of SBOBET in Indonesia has increased rapidly, making it more preferred by gambling players who play soccer betting in Indonesia.

Whereas when there is a moment of a match such as the world cup, SBOBET is the first site in Indonesia to add new types of soccer bets that only appear when there is a world cup or European cup such as a betting game guess who kicks off first until the number of red cards or yellow.

Security Issues

The issue of safety in betting online gambling has become an important problem that has occurred in Indonesia, SBOBET sees this as a very important issue. As soon as possible, SBOBET will fix these problems. Understandably, at that time, lots of accounts from players and also agents who were hacked made players and agents experience losses and headaches.

SBOBET immediately created a new technology for security in which a password or deed is required to have a complex combination containing uppercase, lowercase, symbols and have a minimum number of characters of 6 digits. This applies to members and agents.

In addition, for better security for players, there is a nickname column that players can fill in. The purpose of giving the nickname column is so that once the players play online gambling, it is not known which agent they are playing from and to prevent hackers who pretend to be players from knowing the real accounts of the members and making it easier for members to remember their accounts. This also applies at the level of SBOBET agents.

Finally, the security technology provided by SBOBET for its members and agents is that there is a unique verification code that must be entered after filling in the passcode. As well as SBOBET also offers a verification code that will be sent to email to access the SBOBET website for bookies.

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Security issues in online betting have been done well by SBOBET, making it favored by both bookmakers and members alike. Agents are happy to offer SBOBET products to members who have never made online bets because agents no longer need to be confused and afraid that their accounts will be hacked by hackers.

Freeze the Account of the Agent Playing Cheating

The SBOBET company conducts this business very strictly. They did not hesitate to freeze the accounts of the agents who were rogue and cheating. If there are reports from loyal members of SBOBET, then SBOBET will immediately carry out an investigation and if there is fraud, they will not hesitate to freeze the account and then prohibit the agent from selling SBOBET products, be it online soccer betting or online casino betting.

Alternative links and applications

When many sites are blocked in Indonesia, SBOBET comes out with the best solution is to provide alternative links that have not been blocked by Indonesian ISPs so that players can continue to play through these sites. This solution was eventually followed by followers engaged in the same industry.

However, the blocking was more and more intensively carried out, making SBOBET have to rack his brains on how to avoid being easily traced. Until one day, SBOBET came out with a fairly solid solution, namely creating an Asla application that can be used until now. All types of games offered by SBOBET in the desktop version can be played in the Asla application.

SBOBET itself does not recommend playing betting on soccer gambling and online casinos on its site using a VPN. Because there are several reasons such as security reasons and also reasons there are several countries that do prohibit SBOBET from operating and getting players from that country.

Provide Bonuses and Attractive Gifts

SBOBET also provides attractive bonuses and prizes for the interest of online gambling players to play on their site. The bonuses given can be obtained if you register directly on the SBOBET website and make transactions via credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Meanwhile, players who use local banks for transactions will not get bonuses and prizes directly from SBOBET. But you can get prizes and bonuses from online agents where you register and make transactions.

Online Casino

In 2009 to be precise in February, SBOBET obtained a license to operate from the Isle of Man making it the first operator to run an online betting business by providing live dealer facilities at an online casino in the Isle of Man, Europe. But one year earlier in 2008, SBOBET had succeeded in acquiring an online casino company that had become famous in Indonesia under the name.

In Indonesia since the end of 2007,  began to enter Indonesia and compete with other online casino sites such as asbacc.com, but online casino gambling players prefer to play on the site because of the appearance and live dealers presented by  is much nicer.

Since its entry until being acquired by SBOBET, the appearance of the online casino has not changed significantly. SBOBET maintains the look and structure that was built into the  site. The games offered have not changed either, since the beginning offered online casino products such as Baccarat, Roulette, and Sicbo. Only after being picked up by experts by SBOBET began to add several other games such as Blackjack.

Become a sponsorship

Since 2012, SBOBET, which has grown into a giant company that has quite a lot of coffers, has started trying to advertise in football matches by sponsoring several football clubs in leagues in Europe. This strategy was pursued so that the SBOBET trademark became increasingly popular in Europe and Asia as well. It is proven that after sponsoring several teams in Europe, the name and flag of SBOBET is increasingly flying in Indonesia, Asia and even Europe.

Almost every year, SBOBET has always been a sponsorship for European football teams until finally there was a ban for European football teams not to accept sponsorship from online gambling companies because the large number of match spectators were still underage. The European football sports association has strong reasons for banning sponsorship from the gambling industry, namely not wanting young people or minors who are the next generation to be exposed to the world of gambling which will make their mental and mindset corrupt and lazy. Since then, SBOBET has started to reduce their advertising form in sponsorship of football teams in Europe.

Those are some of the reasons why SBOBET is very well known in Indonesia. After reading it, you are sure that SBOBET is a soccer gambling betting site and online casino that you can make a place for gambling. Now it’s your turn to register through Trusted SBOBET agents and start your bets.



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