What is Money Line Betting on Online Football Gambling in Indonesia

What is Money Line Betting on Online Football Gambling in Indonesia

  • March 15, 2021

For Asian people, there are still many Indonesians who don’t understand what the money line is in soccer gambling betting. Usually, those who know what the money line type of soccer bet is are players who have often played soccer gambling abroad. If new players only play soccer gambling at landlords or on online sites such as the SBOBET site, it is impossible to know because they only know the Asian model of betting system.

Money line is a betting system that is usually played by westerners or foreigners. In contrast to the usual system that appears on SBOBET, the money line system does not have a difference in spread prices or price differences between team prices and other teams.

And also the money line system, there is no system for who is fur and who is fur. What is in the money line bet is only looking for who will win.

The sports betting betting system that usually uses the money line system is football, baslet, volleyball, boxing, or matches that only compete between 2 teams.

In online soccer gambling betting games, if there are players who play Agen Bola Sbobet Online soccer betting bets using the money line system, then the player doesn’t have to bother waiting for the number of goals that will occur in a match. The money line system is the system that is easiest to understand without having to know more about these sports competitions. It’s so easy everyone can play it right away.

How to play it

In guessing a match, players only guess which team wins without seeing the frills of how many goals the player has scored. There are only two signs that must be considered, namely the plus sign (+) and the minus sign (-).

Usually for the seeded team a – sign will appear on the team, while for the team that is not favored a + sign will appear.

For example at a basketball game at SBOBET

It can be seen that if you place a bet on Busang KT SonicBoom will then get 1.55 while if you place a bet on Seoul Samsung Thunders it will get 2.44. Both get a value of +.

This means that if we install Busang KT SonicBoom for $ 100, then when Busang KT SonicBoom wins, we will only get $ 55 + capital of $ 100. The total you get if you win is $ 155.

Conversely, if we install Seoul Samsung Thunders for $ 100, then if we win we get our big winnings of $ 144 beyond our capital of $ 100. So the total you get if you win is $ 244.

What if there is an option that has a negative value –

If there is a choice that is worth a minus or – it means that the team is very hot. For example MU vs Indonesia. Then the status of the MU mount will be – like -890. This Agen Bola Sbobet that if you want to win a bet of $ 100, the player must place a bet of $ 890.

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Is it safe to play the money line system?

It’s the same as other systems, the money line system is very safe to play. For people who do not understand betting, it will be easier to play online soccer betting with the money line system. Whether a bet is safe or not depends on the site where you are playing, not the type of bet available.

Which is more profitable to bet online soccer on the money line or Asian style?

There is no system that is more confusing to the players. All of the systems the city has created are intended to make players hesitant to place bets. In other words, the betting system will benefit the two cities.

But if you are a soccer gambling player who is just trying to play, it’s good to choose a money line system because you don’t have to bother calculating the number of goals that will occur. Just guess who will win and you just put it up.

Where to play the online money line soccer betting system?

If you visit a large casino that provides sports betting such as casinos in the city of Las Vegas, then you are only presented with a money line system. There is not a single casino in Las Vegas that offers soccer betting with the Asian Style system / popular fur system.

What online soccer betting sites offer a money line system?

Almost everyone knows the SBOBET website, but on the SBOBET website, SBOBET offers more of the Asian Style system. If you want to play online soccer gambling with a money line system, then the best site is on the Pinnacle site. There is nothing better at providing the market price for online money line soccer gambling than Pinnacle, even the market price offered by the Pinnacle website is often a sports reference used at almost all casinos in Las Vegas.

Why don’t Indonesians know the money line betting system?

In the history of soccer gambling in Indonesia, most of the influence of this soccer betting game comes from Asia, to be precise the country of China. While the football betting system with the money line model comes from Europe / foreigners. So it is certain that the system used in Indonesian soccer gambling betting is to use the Asian style.

So if you want to play online sports betting bets at SBOBET, then you will be presented with an Asian style model.

This is for those of you who want to register at SBOBET with a trusted soccer agent.



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