Ways and Tips for Playing Online Poker for Beginners

Ways and Tips for Playing Online Poker for Beginners

  • March 15, 2021

Playing poker online is not just about luck. It’s a game of wits, effort and a deep understanding of how to count card combinations. To bully and trick other players in order to win in the game.

With the increasingly stringent prohibition on gambling in Indonesia. So it is not surprising that at this time many people have started to look at online gambling sites. As a means of being able to channel his pleasure in playing poker.

In the discussion this time I want to try to explain about. And the terms and rules contained on the online poker gambling site.

Basic Guide to Online Poker

Some terms that must be known when playing judi pulsa tanpa rekening poker games using your Android mobile can be seen through the information that I will provide below.


It is a bet that is forcing because the player / bettor is in a certain position, namely when sitting after the Dealer (D). Betting on these blinds must be made when the card has not been dealt by the dealer (the initial bet is to get a card. Meanwhile, the amount of the bet depends on the Stakes from the betting table.

The small blind is the minimum bet before the cards are dealt.
Big Blind is the maximum bet before the cards are dealt.


Before starting to bet, each player must first select a betting table. Keep in mind that each betting table has a different nominal amount. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you start betting at the betting table with a smaller nominal first.


It can also be called a medium or a substitute for real money that is brought into the game for betting. Each chip has a different size or value.

Minimum Buy In / Maximum Buy In

This is the stake that the bettor can bring to the betting table. The ones on each table have the minimum and maximum chips that can be carried. It aims to provide fair gambling to every player who participates in a betting table.


It is a collection of chips / bets from all players from the start of the game which are always placed in the middle of the table. All bets that have been collected will be given to one of the players at the betting table if they have the highest combination card among other players or bettors.

Community Cards

Also called board cards, which are 5 cards that will be opened at the table. But the card is not opened simultaneously but through 3 stages. Namely 3 cards for the first stage (Flop). 1 card for the second stage (Turn) and 1 card again / last for the third stage (River).

Hole Cards

It is 2 cards that will be distributed to each player. Which will then be combined with 5 cards on the table to become a combination card with the highest value.

After understanding the terms that have been explained, the following will provide information about some of the actions that can be taken when playing Indonesian online poker games.

Call is to follow the bet to the next round session automatically regardless of the nominal amount bet or bet by the previous player.

Raise is the nominal amount of the bet that you want to add after the previous player has bet with the nominal limit determined by the betting table.

Fold is an action to close the card which is usually done because the bet is too big from the previous player. Or it could be because the card combination is not good enough.

Check means not making calls or raises which can usually be made if no previous player has made additional bets in the ongoing round session.

All in is an act to raise all the chips you have. Usually if the opponent’s chip is bigger than your chip. Then the chips you raise will all go into the pot. But if your chip is bigger then all in you will only be as big as the chip owned by the opponent.

Stages of Playing Online Poker

To help resolve your confusion about the Indonesian online poker game. The following will be given several steps or stages on how to play poker that you should know before trying your luck by playing poker on one of the most trusted online poker sites in Indonesia:

Stage I

Where at this stage the bet uses a blind where the position of the player who is directly to the left of the dealer is the small blind. And the next player is the big blind. After dealing 2 cards to each player. Then the third player to the left of the dealer can choose to call, raise or fold.

Phase II

The dealer will deal 3 cards (Flop) at the table openly. Where at this stage the players are given the opportunity to choose to call, raise or fold. Which starts from the 3rd player from the left of the dealer first.

Stage III

The 4th card or so-called Turn will be divided by the dealer at the table openly as well. At this stage the bettor is given time to choose between call, raise or fold. Which is the same as before starting from the 3rd player from the left of the dealer.

Stage IV

What is commonly called the River where the 5th card will be dealt face up at the table. In this last stage players can call, raise or fold.

Level V

The player with the highest card combination will be the winner of the game round.

Explanation of Online Poker Cards

The following will explain the order or ranking of combinations of poker games from highest to lowest.

Royal Flush

A combination of 5 poker cards that have the highest value and of the same suit. Or what is commonly called the Straight Flush with the highest value, namely the Ace of Spades card. Like the AKQJ-10.

Straight Flush

It is a combination of 5 poker cards that have the same value and suit. Or we can also call it a combination of Straight and Flush. Such as QJ-10-9-8, 2-3-4-5-6, and others.

Four of Kind

Contains 4 poker cards of the same value and 1 other card that is different. Such as KKKK-7, 5-5-5-5-10, and others.

Full House

Consists of a combination of 3 cards that have the same value plus 2 other cards of the same value. Such as KKK-7-7, QQQJJ, and others.


The combination of 5 cards that have the same suit and the value of the 5 cards does not have to be in sequence. Such as J-9-8-6-5, Q-10-7-5-4, and others.


Consists of 5 cards that have consecutive value and the suit of the 5 cards does not have to be the same. Like 9-8-7-6-5, KJ-10-7-6, and others.

Three of Kind

Have 3 cards of the same rank and 2 other cards of different ranks and suit. Such as 2-2-2-Q-5, JJJ-3-2, and others.

Two Pair

A combination of 2 poker cards of the same value plus 2 other cards of the same rank. And 1 other card with a different value. Such as QQ-7-7-3, 8-8-5-5-2, and others.

One Pair

A combination of 2 cards of the same value and 3 other cards of different value. Such as 8-8-7-5-2, KK-10-7-6, and others.

High Card

The highest 1 card out of the other 4 cards of which 5 cards are not of the same rank and suit. Such as AQJ-6-5 (High Card A), J-9-6-5-4 (High Card J).

The following will give a little explanation of the types of poker cards from highest to lowest.

  • Royal / Spade / Shovel (Black), symbolizes Military.
  • Love / Heart / Heart (Red), symbolizes the Church.
  • Clumber / Curly (Black), symbolizes the Merchant Class.
  • Diamond / Diamond (Red), symbolizing agriculture.

Whereas for the poker card that has the highest value to the lowest value is AKQJ-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. For cards with a value of A (Ace) it can also be used as the highest and also the lowest number, namely 1.

The sequence of card combinations starting with the card that has the higher value will defeat the card with the lower value. As a card with value 2 will lose by 3. And 3 will lose by 4. A card with value J will lose to a card with value Q. And a card with a value of Q will lose to a card of K. And card K also loses by card A (Ace). In poker A can also be number 1 which means the lowest value when needed. Like when getting Straight with 5 card combinations. A-2-3-4-5 (then the A-card at that time will be considered as number 1).

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The following will also explain the poker card value from the lowest to the highest poker card value.

The poker card with the highest card value will also lose with the One Pair card combination. Such as AJ-10-7-4-3 would lose to 3-3-J-8-5.

A poker card with a One Pair combination will lose to a poker card that has a Two Pair combination. Like KK-10-8-3 will lose 7-7-5-5-10.

Poker cards with a Two Pair combination will lose to poker cards that have a Three of a kind combination. Like the JJ-8-8-A would lose to 7-7-7-J-5.

Poker cards with a Three of kind combination will lose to poker cards that have a Straight combination. Like JJJ-9-7 would lose 2-3-4-5-6.

A poker card with a Straight combination will lose to a poker card that has a Flush combination. As KQJ-10-9 will lose to Q-9-7-4-3 (same suit).

A poker card with a Flush combination will lose to a poker card that has a Full House combination. Such as KJ-10-8-7 (same suit) will lose 7-7-7-7-2.

Poker cards with a Four of kind combination will lose to poker cards that have a Straight Flush combination. As KKKK-10 will lose from 5-6-7-8-9 (with the same score and suit).

Poker cards with a Straight Flush combination will lose to poker cards that have a Royal Flush combination. Like KQJ-10-9 (with the same value and suit) will lose to AKQJ-10 (with the same grade and suit).

Some interesting facts about the picture of KQJ on a poker card.

  • King Spade symbolizes King David (King David).
  • King Heart symbolizes Charlemagne.
  • The King Club represents Alexander The Great.
  • The King Diamond represents Julius Caesar.
  • Queen Spade represents Pallas Athena the daughter of Zeus.
  • Queen Heart symbolizes Judith from Bavaria.
  • The Queen Club represents Regina’s Argine Anagram.
  • The Queen Diamond represents Rachel, the wife of Jacob.
  • Jack Spade joins Holger Dansker.
  • Jack Heart represents La Hire.
  • The Jack Club represents Sir Lancelot.
  • Jack Diamond represents Hector the hero of Troy.
  • Just to add insight into the understanding of the mysteries of the card that are still not widely known.
  • King Heart is the only King who does not have a mustache.
  • King Heart also pointed his sword at his own head or what is commonly called The Suicide King.
  • King Diamond only saw one side of his face where the other kings were not like that.
  • Queen Spade who is looking to the right while the other Queen is looking to the left.

Queen Spade is the only Queen who holds a stick and flowers while the other Queen only holds flowers.
Tips for Playing Poker Online to Win

Some tips that must be known when playing online poker

Providing initial capital

Prepare in advance the capital that will be used to start betting. Do not add other capital when you have lost the initial capital in the game.

Specify the target

Before starting the game it would be better to prepare a plan regarding the desired target. If at the time you achieve victory according to the desired target, try to stop. Don’t be too greedy to gain more than the target that has been set because it will only make you lose later.

Start playing at the small betting table

To successfully win bets in online poker games. Try to start at the small betting table first. Which aims to test the extent to which the ability to play that is owned. If the ability to play is enough then try at the big betting table to win big, of course.

Understand the card combinations you have

It is important to know the combination of 2 cards you have whether it is worth playing or not. If you get a card that is not very good, it is recommended to check or fold. And vice versa if you get a good card try to hold or check. While waiting for the opponent’s reaction or action so that your cards are not easily read by them.

Know the flow of the game from the opponent

It is very important to be able to read the movements or the flow of the game on the other side. So that you will know when the opponent has a good card and when not.

Play with focus

Don’t be easily provoked by emotions when you have lost the previous round, try to be patient while waiting for the right time.

Tricks to play online poker are sure to win

Play carefully while waiting to get good cards.

When getting a good hand try to refrain from raising too much. So that other players can’t read the flow of your game.

When getting a card isn’t that great. Try occasionally to bluff by placing / raising high stakes. In order to trick other players into believing you have a good hand.

How to Get an ID or Account to Play Poker Online

The following will explain how to create an online poker account / ID for beginners.

Before registering, first make sure to choose a trusted online poker player.

After the choice of the online poker site has been determined, please visit the website. And look for the REGISTER / REGISTER button on the website page.

Then please fill in the registration form according to valid and active data.

When it’s finished, please click OK and don’t forget to check the small box above the OK button. If a failed statement appears on the layer, it may take too long to fill in the registration form. Or there is data that is incorrectly filled in. Such as account numbers, telephone numbers or e-mails are not allowed to have spaces.

After the registration form has been filled in completely and checked again it is correct, then please click OK. And wait a few moments to get confirmation that the account is ready to be used.

How to Choose a Trusted Online Poker Gambling Site

Before dabbling in the world of online gambling. It would be nice to first learn some important steps that must be taken before starting to play in online poker. One of them is like determining an online gambling site which will later be used as a place to make bets. To find out what the characteristics of the best and most trusted online gambling site are, please refer to the information that will be explained below.

Look for an experienced Indonesian online poker site agent and a security system that is always updated. Which aims to provide comfort for members while playing without having to experience interference. From the server in order to protect the privacy of members from unwanted things.

Choose an online poker site agent that provides quality service for its members, such as from the completeness of the types of games. The name of the bank used and of course offers attractive and reasonable bonus promos.

Find information about the IDN Poker online site by consulting online gambling forums. Or through recommendations from friends that aim to avoid fraud that is already rife.

Make sure the online IDN Poker site has a fast response service from its customer service. Through the livechat feature 24 hours or through other application features. Like whatsapp or BBM which aims as a communication tool. With members who want to ask something about online gambling games.

Such is the summary of online for beginners that I can convey. And hopefully with the article above can help add insight to understand about online poker. Thank you for taking the time and see you in the next articles.



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