Understand How to Play Combination Togel Gambling

Understand How to Play Combination Togel Gambling

  • April 12, 2021

This dark toto gambling game or commonly known as togel has been very popular for a long time. This game uses numbers to determine the win, players are required to guess the number that will come out.

The lottery game system is actually very simple, we only need to guess exactly how many numbers will come out. Besides that, the types of betting on lottery gambling actually have many variants that you can choose from.

Now, one type of bet on online lottery gambling is this combination lottery gambling, you can understand this game easily. Here is how to play the combination lottery gambling that I can explain, so you must listen to it until it runs out so that you don’t misunderstand.

How to Play Combination Togel Gambling
play the combination lottery

Now before you learn how to play combination lottery gambling, you should learn the designation of the position of the lottery numbers that will come out. Now the designation for the position is as, there is a header, there is a head, and you are a tail, I will give an example.

An example of the lottery market number that comes out is 2587, then the number 2 position will be referred to as an ace. The position of the number 5 will be called the head, the position in the number 8 will be called the head and the number in the position 7 will be referred to as the tail.

Can you understand it, if you don’t understand it, you can reread my explanation earlier. So if you have, then go back to how to play combination lottery gambling. Combined lottery gambling is where we must be able to determine the position of the numbers.


In addition to the position of the numbers, we also have to guess situs judi online terbaik the number is big or small and odd or even. What is meant by small numbers is 0 to 4, by large numbers is 5 to 9.

Then what is meant by odd numbers is 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and for even numbers are 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. daftar judi online even or small header.

After that the head is odd or small and the tail is odd or big, the ax is even or small and the head is odd or small. Even or small header and odd or large head. You must be able to guess both numbers or both of your guesses correctly. If you can only guess 1 then you lose.


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