Types of players in the game of poker

Types of players in the game of poker

  • March 15, 2021

Poker is a card game that is now becoming increasingly widespread, especially when this game can be played online. This game using playing cards doesn’t even look at the people anymore. In this article, I will discuss the types of players in the game of Poker. The reviews are as follows:

1. The coward type

It is said to be the timid type because people who are in this type often press the ‘Fold’ button even though the card they are holding is not that bad. It could even be that the opponent has a worse card but knowing how to play this type of play, usually his opponent often bluffs in order to take all the chips on the table.

2. Type of bully

Unlike the No.1 type, this type often uses the ‘ALL IN’ and ‘raise’ buttons, especially when dealing with the timid type, he will bluff so he can take all the chips that have been issued by his opponent.

3. Type of prestige

It is said to be the prestigious type because people who are in this type do not care what cards they have in hand, even if the chance of winning is small, they dare to take the bets raised by their friends because of their prestige and maybe too Agen Sbobet Casino chips have been issued.

4. Type of Submission

Groups that are in this type usually always press the ‘ALL IN’ button regardless of the card even though the card they are holding is not that good. People with this type are usually found in online games (without real money) because they think that what they are playing is just a qqdomino game. There is also this done because this person is in a hurry or is bored in playing.

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5. Maniac type

Players who are in this type are said to be maniacs because they are willing to spend a lot of money and are replaced by chips to get satisfaction in playing this game, even playing this game all day until late at night.

6. Serious Type

As the name implies, if he already holds a card in the game of poker, he will take into account all his cards and also the cards of his opponent, from the possibility of winning and losing to calculating well to increase the bet and follow the bets of his opponent.

7. The type of boy

This type when playing online often makes unnecessary comments and also often moves seats while playing.

There are several types of players in the game of poker. Which type are you in? if you know other types, you can add them to the comments column below …



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