Types of online soccer gambling players at SBOBET Indonesia

Types of online soccer gambling players at SBOBET Indonesia

  • March 15, 2021

Every online soccer gambling player is not the same in placing their bets even though they are identical twins. There are many types of players that can be seen every time they place a soccer gambling bet on SBOBET. The way to find out the types of players is to analyze the overall bet from the time he played, so that we can find out what type the person is playing.

Reported by the gambling guide, let’s discuss one by one the types of games available on the SBOBET Indonesia website according to the sbobet Indonesian soccer agents.

Real player / gambler

It is said that a true type of player is a player who keeps betting on soccer gambling. Whatever bets appear on their computer or smartphone screen, they will definitely place them, whether the market is very high or low, whether the time is running out or the game hasn’t started, whether it’s the big league or worm league, they will definitely install it. bet. Winning, losing, the important thing is to keep it up to the death.

This type of player can usually sit and play agen judi bola at SBOBET for hours, even all day.

Big league gambling players

Now there are also types of gamblers who will only play if there are big league matches such as the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, UEFA, World Cup, Bundesliga, Serie A, and others. If you’re not in the big league or on vacation. Then this player will not make a bet at all.

This type of player will only play on certain days where there is a match. They usually watch matches while playing online soccer gambling at SBOBET.

Worms league player

If there are players who like big / well-known leagues, there are also players who like and only play in small soccer leagues or leagues that come from countries that are not good at playing soccer.

Players like this really like small league ball matches because sometimes the market or its fur is very unequal, aka one-sided and also usually the score of the match can also be very far different.

This type of soccer player can play online soccer bets all day long, because within 24 hours, there must be a worm ball match. Unfortunately for worm ball matches at SBOBET, there is a maximum limit for installation, unlike the big leagues that can install anything.

Street ball player

People who like to play this type of bet, prefer only the ongoing games. They usually put up at the last minute as long as the match is still open on the SBOBET website. They always monitor every match that is going on, once entering the second father in the 70s they start placing their bets.

High market value is not an obstacle for them, they are very brave to install even though the market conditions are very unfavorable for players, Agen Bola Deposit 25rb even with unreasonable market conditions they still dare to install.

This player does not see if the match is a big league or worm league. All matches will be played as long as the ball match has entered the end minutes of the match.

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A true under type player

This under type player is a player who only plays online soccer gambling at SBOBET by only placing a ball bet in the under position. Under what is meant here is the number of goals between the two teams playing below the number of goals determined by SBOBET.

A true over type player

The opposite of the under football gambling player, this player will only bet on soccer gambling only on the over ball option. This player doesn’t see if it’s big league or minor league. Usually this type of player also plays his soccer betting bets at the last minute.

Mix parley player type

The next type is the type of online football gambler who only plays mix parley games. This player does not like handicap, over under or other games.

Why do they like mix parley games? because to gamble on the mix parley type at SBOBET, it doesn’t require big capital. With a small capital, if they manage to guess correctly, the prizes they get can be several times the capital they spend to buy the bet.

From the data collected, it is very rare for this type of player to win. But once they are hit, the prizes that must be paid can be tens of millions of rupiah.

A player who is always looking for it to be safe

Next are soccer gambling players who are always looking for a safe position. The point here is soccer gambling players at SBOBET who are always ready to wash the matches they have bought.

If there is a bet on a match that will lose before the market closes, then this type of player immediately places a different bet from the previous one.


Bigger players are the names for online soccer gambling players who come and play gambling with a lot of money. This player can be a single pair in one ball game reaching tens of millions of rupiah. This player can win big or lose big.

The impromptu player

As the name suggests an impromptu player, this player only appears at certain times. Usually appears only during the world cup. This player does not understand at all about the list of soccer players who play, they only play because there is a moment and because of prestige.

This type of player does not have capital

To this day there are still many prospective online soccer gambling players at SBOBET who come via live chat or Whatsapp, only asking if there are free chips or not. It’s just embarrassing if this type of player wants to play gambling but there is no capital. But it is the turn to win I want to ask for the winnings. You don’t want to be this type huh. It will just be a byword.

So, those are the types of online soccer gambling players that we analyze and summarize in this section. Which type are you? let’s be honest.



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