Tips to Win Playing Capsa Susun Gambling

Tips to Win Playing Capsa Susun Gambling

  • April 12, 2021

The capsa susun gambling game or what we usually call Chinese poker is an interesting game. This game uses playing cards that contain 52 cards for the game.

With a combination that is similar to the poker game that we already know, this game is both competing using this combination. By playing like this, of course to determine the victory is the highest combination.

But in this capsa susun gambling game, players have the highest and additional combinations. This combination is a dragon combination where players get a line of cards from the US to the King.

This game also has 3 lines to match each round. And the existing cards will be arranged from top to bottom 3 – 5 – 5. With each existing line the strongest is the lowest card.

And to win this game, players can certainly have a big chance of sbobet casino. However, if players have their own way of winning, they can easily win this game.

Therefore, on this occasion I would like to provide some tips that can help. Let’s look at the following explanation below.

Play Capsa Susun Thoroughly
When playing the capsa susun gambling game, one of the determinants is to carefully arrange the cards. This game requires players to manage their strategy properly and correctly. Because if the player arranges the wrong strategy, the player will definitely lose the game that is currently there.

Therefore, if the players are not careful there will be things that are very unwanted by the players. This is even more so if the player is wrong to arrange the existing cards. That way the player will definitely lose the game immediately. So playing carefully and concentration will be very important in the game.

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playing capsa susun

Arrange the Card According to Conditions
In the capsa susun gambling game, players must be able to think more flexibly. That way, of course, agen judi fontana99 players can adjust the condition of the card to the conditions that exist when playing. Players can rearrange their strategies because the cards they get are unsatisfactory.

By arranging the existing cards, even though the player loses at least the player can still try to win the other lines that exist. That way players will not lose by a large number. Even players can reverse existing defeats and win in this game.


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