The types of online soccer betting at SBOBET that only exist during the World Cup

The types of online soccer betting at SBOBET that only exist during the World Cup

  • March 15, 2021

In almost all online soccer gambling betting sites like SBOBET there are lots of bets that can be played in only one football match such as handicap, mix parley, 1 × 2, over under. But there are several types of bets that don’t always exist in soccer matches. This bet type is only raised by SBOBET at certain times such as during the world cup.

This type of bet is very unique, SBOBET deliberately raises this bet so that during the World Cup players can have far more choices to play besides playing common bets. This type of bet also functions to make soccer gambling even more attractive due to a soccer competition between countries in the world.

The bets presented are funny and interesting because there are bets that are very fast in just a matter of minutes, some have to wait until the world cup match is over.

What types of bets are hilarious that the SBOBET site presents, let’s take a look at them one by one.

Guess the kick off

Yes, guess who will kick off first in a soccer match is usually only raised by SBOBET at the time of the world cup. SBOBET only gives 2 hours before kick off, so if you want to guess who kicked off first then within 2 hours you have to install it.

In this type of bet, guess who will kick off first, SBOBET offers no vur / fur market. Which means that Bandar Bola Resmi players only place bets by guessing who will start the first kick in the match that will take place.

The winning prize is one to one, which means that if you install 100 thousand and win, you will get 100 thousand.

Who scored first

Now the type of bet this time is to guess which team will score the first goal in the match that is taking place. If there is no goal at all it is considered a draw and the stake will be returned to the player.

Guess the red and yellow cards

SBOBET also presents red card and yellow card guessing bets. There are several bets that can be played with a red card or a yellow card, such as whether a player gets a red or yellow card and which team gets a red card or a yellow card first.


Still the same as above, there is no vor / fur and the payment of the prize is 1: 1.

To get the winning result you have to wait until the game ends 90 minutes. Agen Bola Online If there is an extra round, the extra round does not count.

Guess the corner

This type of bet is also quite funny, players can place bets on which team will get the corner first. Just like the bet above, there is no fur / vur in this bet. Prize payments are also one to one.

Guess the number of corners

SBOBET also provides corner guessing betting in a match. Players are required to guess over or under from the combined number of coordinates that occur between the two teams.

Guess who will be the world cup champion

Usually SBOBET provides this type of bet a few weeks before the world cup match starts. SBOBET provides a list of all countries (48 countries since 2013) that take part in the world cup competition which is held every 4 years.

Players only need to guess who will become the champion of the world cup. The closer to the final match, the smaller the prizes you will get. So if you want to place a small amount but a big prize, you have to place this bet long before the match starts.

Who got the golden shoes

SBOBET also provides bets on which player will get the golden shoe trophy. The Golden Boot Cup is awarded to the soccer player who scores the most goals during the world cup match.

SBOBET provides a list of football players who will get the golden boot. Players only need to guess from the list provided by SBOBET on their website.

Those are some of the bets that only appear on SBOBET at the time of the world cup. If there is no world cup then the bets above will not appear.

To be able to play these funny bets, you must register yourself first. This is how to register SBOBET with a trusted agent that you can learn if you are confused about how to register.

This site also provides other guides such as how to access SBOBET with alternative links if you have trouble accessing the SBOBET site.



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