The Right Strategy When Playing Capsa Susun Online For Beginners

The Right Strategy When Playing Capsa Susun Online For Beginners

  • March 15, 2021

Surely everyone already knows that by using playing cards, you can play several types of fun card games with your friends and colleagues? Call it like: poker, online capsa stacking, blackjack, sakong and other types of games. Can you name what games you like the most or enjoy doing? If you can say, in the game category that uses online poker playing cards and playing capsa are the most popular games among the Indonesian people.

This is because the rules in the arrangement of cards in the two games are almost the same. For example, when playing online poker, the highest order card is a card with a royal flush composition. Whereas in the capsa susun game, the dragon win combination is a rare card that is in the highest order in the card game.

Before we discuss the order of the stacked capsa cards from highest to lowest, it would be good to first start the discussion by knowing about the rules of playing bandar qq terpercaya such as the description that I will convey below.

Rules for Playing Indonesian Online Capsa Susun

Do not know, then do not love, maybe a parable like that is very appropriate when it is addressed to players who want to play capsa susun online. Having an understanding of the game will certainly be a very valuable asset for you later.

Playing capsa susun is actually still not too difficult, you are only required to arrange the 13 cards that will be distributed by a dealer in order to become a combination. How to play capsa stacking and card arrangement should not be done carelessly, it must be in accordance with the capsa rules that have been determined by the online gambling site. Please note, every player who participates in the game will be given a time limit when compiling the cards.

The rules for arranging cards in the capsa susun game are also unique. Where the 13 cards obtained by each player will later be divided into 3 parts. The card with the highest combination must be placed in the bottom line consisting of 5 cards. Whereas in the middle row which also consists of 5 cards, the order of cards may not be smaller than the top row.

Maybe there are still many of us who often see or experience errors in the arrangement of cards. A situation like that can happen there must be a reason, right? Through the information I have gathered from several sources, it can be said that a lack of understanding of the game is the biggest obstacle for every player when playing the Capsa Susun cards. What’s more, with a time given of only 24 seconds, of course it will make the player even more frustrated when arranging his cards.

How to Play Capsa Susun Cards for Beginners

As has been said before, where the method of arranging the capsa stacking cards must be in accordance with the applicable rules or you can also see it as the example below. In each line in the arrangement of the cards, of course, there are different points. These points will later be multiplied according to the nominal limit of the bet on the betting table that you are participating in.

In addition, the sample image below will also provide information to you about the maximum number of players who can participate in the capsa stacking card game is 4 people. In addition, through this picture you can also find out how many points you will get through the output numbers next to the card arrangement.

Before we continue the discussion about calculating the points on each arrangement of cards, do you think there are still some of you who don’t really understand the explanation above?

Calculation of Points on the Capsa Game Card Arrangement

The amount of points you will get when playing capsa stacking online really depends on each combination card arrangement on the betting table. Not only that, from the three rows of cards there are also different categories for the amount of points. Even though the bottom line is the part that must be filled with the highest card combination, it doesn’t mean that you will get big points if the card you have is able to outperform other players. It is precisely the card arrangement in the middle row that has the biggest points in the online capsa stacking game.

How come? Doesn’t the bottom line have to be bigger than the middle row? Surely many of you feel confused by this. All decisions or actions must have a reason. Moreover, getting a large value or bonus certainly requires a process or challenge that is not easy either. It is the same as this card game, in order to provide a challenge to each player, you are required to have 2 sets of good card combinations as well. You can see the number of points as shown below.

Can you explain what you understand after seeing the example image above? If you can guess, maybe all you can understand is the number of points, but how to get it still has a little doubt or confusion.

For those of you who have often played the capsa card game, of course, laying or arranging cards is no longer an obstacle for you. But have you ever got a card that is on the bottom row the same as the middle row? If so, then how do you differentiate the order of the cards? Maybe confusion like that, you still often experience when playing capsa online.

Get to know the composition and order of online Capsa cards

If you pay attention, each playing card which consists of 52 pieces also has 4 types of symbols or symbols. For some people, maybe the symbol is just a variation to enhance the appearance of the card. But do you know that these symbols have a very significant role when playing card games? Let’s first look at an example of the image below.

  • Coat of arms of the Black Spade, a symbol that symbolizes winter.
  • Red Heart symbol, a symbol that symbolizes spring or spring.
  • Black Club emblem, a symbol representing summer or summer.
  • The Red Diamond emblem, a symbol representing autumn or fall.

As you can see in the example image above. Cards that have the symbol of spades or spades can be said to be the cards with the highest symbols in the capsa stacking game. Meanwhile, the love card that is in second place cannot be smaller than 2 cards or other symbols.

After understanding the rules for the order of card symbols in the capsa stacking game, now is the time for you to learn the sequence of combination cards from highest to lowest. Even though it has little in common with the game of poker, the highest card value in the online capsa card game is not a royal flush but a dragon card.

What is a dragon combination card? How do I get the card? To be able to get this combination card, you can say you have to have some luck. This is because the dragon capsa card combination has the lowest percentage when compared to other combinations. For more details, please refer to the information that I will provide below.

1. Card Capsa Dragon

As mentioned at the beginning of the discussion. To get a dragon capsa card, you must first have cards in sequence with a composition consisting of cards worth 2 to Ace. To make it easier to understand, the 13 cards you get are required to have different values ​​from one another. You can see an example of a capsa susun below.

It should be noted that apart from having consecutive values, the symbols or symbols on the cards do not really affect the dragon card arrangement. If you are one of the lucky people to get the combination card, you will get a bonus of 52 points in the round session at the betting table.

2. Six Pairs

For those of you who often play capsa stacking offline, of course, you don’t really know about capsa stacking cards like this. Just like the dragon win card combination, six pairs are cards that can be said to be very rare in the capsa stacking game. If the composition of the dragon win card requires each player to have a card with consecutive values. So it is different from the six pairs. For more details, please look at the sample image below.

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In accordance with the name which when translated into Indonesian. The 13 cards that the player gets must have 6 sets of cards with the same value as the example above. According to the source that I got, until now it is not known how many points players will get if they get a card combination like this. For that, you may be the first lucky person to get the jackpot bonus.

3. Royal Flush

For those of you who like online poker card games, you can be sure that you will be familiar with the capsa card arrangement like this. To get a royal flush, the player concerned must have 5 cards of consecutive value and the same symbol. Please note, the Ace card is one of the requirements that the player must have if he wants to get a royal flush combination. As an example of the image you can see below.

Although it can be said that it’s easy to bother. But the opportunity to get a combination card like this still has a bigger percentage when compared to the other 2 combinations. As we all know, luck when playing online gambling, we cannot guess when it will come. For those of you who are lucky to get a royal flush combination card, be prepared for a bonus of 22 points you are entitled to.

4. Straight Flush

At first glance, the straight flush combination bears little resemblance to a royal flush arrangement. Both are required to have a card composition consisting of consecutive values ​​and the same symbol. What distinguishes the two types of combinations is on the Ace card. To get a straight flush, the cards owned by the player concerned must not exceed the king card. For an example of a picture of the capsa card arrangement can be seen below.

In the online capsa game, there are two important points that you must pay attention to if you get a combination arrangement from a straight flush card. If the card combination is arranged in the middle, the player is entitled to a bonus of 14 points. But if the straight flush card arrangement is at the bottom of the line, you will get a bonus of 7 points from the round session.

Keep in mind, even though the pay on the middle line is greater than the bottom line, it doesn’t mean that you can place the cards just by following the point size Things that need to be considered if you want to put a straight flush card on the middle row is provided that the card combination at the bottom must be higher than the middle.

5. Four of Kind

The third highest card in this online poker card game can be said to have a unique combination of card combinations. It is said that because the composition of the cards consists of 4 cards which have the same value. In addition, the percentage to get the arrangement is not as difficult as other combinations. For those of you who want to know the four of kind card arrangements, please look at the example image below.

Because it is still classified as a combination card that has a jackpot bonus, a bonus of 10 points is entitled to the player concerned if he succeeds in arranging the card in the middle. But if four of a kind cards like this are arranged at the very bottom then you will only get 5 points.

6. Full House

It can be said that the full house is the last arrangement in the bonus combination category in the real money capsa online card game. To get a combination like this is still classified as having a much easier percentage when compared to other card arrangements. For those of you who don’t really understand the arrangement of these cards, please look at the following sample image.

The points that are owned by the composition of the card arrangement which consists of a combination of a combination of three of a kind and two pairs are 5. These points are entitled to you if you succeed in obtaining a full house combination card while playing real money online capsa stacking.

7. Three of Kind

In real money online capsa games, a combination of three of a kind and four of a kind actually has the same hand. Only the number of cards of the same rank distinguishes the two combinations. If in a combination of four of a kind each player is required to have the same 4 cards then this is different from three of a kind. To get a three of a kind card, the player is only required to have 3 cards of the same value. For an example, it can be seen in the image below.

If you pay attention, each card in the real money capsa game is related to one another. The example is like a full house combination. If you want to get this arrangement, one of the conditions you have to do is to have a three of a kind and two pairs card.

And what makes the three of a kind card combination even more memorable is the number of points. In addition to a bonus of 3 points you will get, the percentage for obtaining this card combination is also classified as much easier when compared to other jackpot bonus card arrangements.

8. Flush

As already mentioned, the flush combination can also be called a derivative of the royal flush card in the real money online capsa game. To get a flush arrangement, the player concerned must have 5 cards that have the same symbol or symbol. It is important for you to know, the order of the 5 cards must have an arrangement with random values, not in sequence. As an example of the image you can see below.

Even though it is not a bonus card, at least having a combination arrangement like this you already have a good chance when the card is competed with cards owned by other players. In addition, the percentage for getting a combination card like this is also very large.

9. Straight

Same as a flush combination card. Where to get a straight combination you are required to have 5 cards with consecutive values. For the record, the five cards of the card may not have the same symbol. Even though it is not a jackpot bonus category card, the percentage for getting the card combination is still relatively easy. You can see an example of the image below.

10 . Two Pair

If you mean one of the people who likes the online capsa susun game, surely you are already familiar with paired combination cards like this. It can be said that of the many combination cards in the online capsa game, pair cards are the arrangement most often obtained by each player when participating in the game.

This combination consisting of 2 sets of cards of the same value is very often placed in the middle or the first line of the card arrangement. It can be said that the two lines are the limits that are often used by capsa susun card players to put down their combination cards. For example images can be seen below.

11. One Pair

This combination, which is better known as a pair card, has 1 set of cards with the same value in its arrangement. Still the same as a two pair card, where the placement of this combination card is usually very diverse. Sometimes we can find players who put it in the middle and the first line in online capsa games. To find out the card arrangement, please just look at the sample image below.

12. High Card

It can be said that high card is the lowest order of cards in the capsa stacking online card games. The composition of this card is also unique. Where in the hand the card does not have a suitable or good combination at all. Therefore, there are more online capsa stacking players who place the card in the first part. You can see an example of the image below.


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