• March 13, 2021

Hello braderku, back again with the site where to play the best online slots in Indonesia.
This time I’ll tell you about a little history. The biggest online slot machine scam.

As times are growing as well as online slot games, more and more people are trying to cheat these machines.

As time passes and technology develops, more and more tools or programs are created to cheat online slot machines.

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Tommy Carmichael is one of the casino criminals in Las Vegas, United States. He spent his life of forty years (40) cheating casinos or rigging slot machines.

Initially he built a television service and electronic goods business, until finally he had the idea to make a machine that could beat the trusted online slot machines.

Tomi is able to develop several tools or machines to ensure he wins easily on slot machines instantly.

Time flies and Tomi always adjusts his strategy and develops his tools to keep up with technological developments.

In fact, he even made a congregation of con artists and collaborated with many people to take advantage of Las Vegas casinos.

And as great as a criminal is sure he will find bad luck on the day he acts, sooner or later the casino finds out about the fraud.

Tomi finally caught by the casino and the Las Vegas police, and the action stopped at that time.

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He is languishing in prison with friends of his cheaters, in an interview with journalists in the United States.

It tells of his life -changing experiences in prison, if you’re curious about his full story.

You can search on google for the full story with keywords (Tommy Glenn Carmichael).

Tomi glenn was born in the mid 1960s at a time when technology was very fast developing.

Even from childhood he was very happy to watch the technology develop which is the reason he opened television services at a young age.

Long story short he opened a tv shop in oklahoma which he named Ace television sales and service. The business he developed was very successful in a short period of time because it was the first TV service venue in the city.

And while he had started to develop, but in the same year his business began to decline or went bankrupt too.

Because of the many events that happened to him that year, he was in the process of divorcing his third wife. And plus he’s doing social punishment for drug possession.

But with persistent effort he turned his life around in the blink of an eye because he met a friend when he was a child.

His childhood friend brought him a broken slot machine to try to fix, and was absolutely right when he repaired the slot machine.

He studied every gap in the slot machine and was able to create a tool to cheat the slot machine.

Finally we meet at the end of this post, I will update the article about slot games every day.

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