Techniques for How to Play Ceme Online

Techniques for How to Play Ceme Online

  • March 15, 2021

Techniques How to Play Ceme Online – Hello many loyal readers of memesuper where then you are, this opportunity memesuper can introduce a game that is quite popular with many people in the group of Indonesians today is Bandar Domino or as Ceme used to say. The technique of playing this game is very light because it is almost similar to the dominoqq game. For those who are not yet clear this game one can read this article.

Introduction Game Ceme Online

The difference between ceme and dominoqq is where poker88 indonesia terpercaya players can have the opportunity to become a dealer who can challenge 7 other players. Each player who plays must first place the bet equal to the minimum limit and the optimal bet, and the Dealer does not have to place a bet. The dealer job is a ceme game simply to pay the player’s bet if the number of cards obtained is smaller than the player and the opposite is true. Before playing, you should first learn the card points that can make you win next.

Card Calculation Techniques In Ceme Game

Usually card calculations in ceme games are almost the same as dominoq games, the only difference is that you only add 2 cards. In full, you can see the following image.

The highest point in a ceme game is 9, where when the 2 cards in the circle are summed up, the number is 9. What if the number of circles is above 10?

  • If the circle is above 10 then subtract 10 to get the final score.
  • If the circle is above 20, subtract 20 to get the final score.
  • After you already know the technique of calculating the points, now is the time for you to learn what are some of the important stages to do when playing next.

Levels In the game Ceme

In the ceme game, there are 3 important parts that all players or the city go through:

Betting Round

As I said earlier, where each player who plays is required to place the same bet with at least the optimal bet for each table. The dealer himself does not need to place further bets.

Card Making Stage

After the betting time has run out, players and dealers can get 2 cards which are important to add up the circle. The excitement of playing this ceme is where you can glance at one card to increase the sensation of playing and tense, keep in mind that the time Agen Judi Casino is only 10 seconds before the card is opened.

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Last Round of Card Matches

After 10 seconds the given time runs out, so it’s time for all cards to start automatically. All player cards can compete with the dealer card and then if the player wins the dealer can pay the bet you placed the first time, but vice versa.

Light is not a game of ceme, just add up the circles. But there are benefits to come when you become a city or a player:

  • Profit Becoming A City Or Player In The Ceme Game
  • Profit Becoming A City (Dealer):
  • When the result is the same as the player, the city wins.

Advantages of being a Player:

When the yield is 9, so the city can pay 2x the value of your bet.

That is the advantage that you can find if you decide to be a dealer or a player, but being a dealer certainly requires a large amount of capital or sufficient chips. Don’t forget to participate if in the Ceme game there is a special alloy card or usually called the Jakpot card. Usually the Jakpot ceme card is not much different from the dominoqq card. Want to know ? we immediately review.

There are 4 Jackpot cards in the ceme game:

Six Gods

This is the highest Jackpot card scheme, which consists of 4 cards with a circle value of 6. Do we only hold 2 cards? well for that we combine with having a city, so 2 cards each have a number of circles of 6 and the city must be the same.

Log Card

Twin cards or logs is the 2nd highest card scheme, in which 4 cards each have the same number of circles on the top and bottom.

Big Pure Card

The Big Pure Card is the third highest card scheme, where 4 cards add up to a circle value above 39.

Small Pure Card

The Pure Small Card is a very small card scheme, where 4 cards when added must be below 10 round values.

With clearly a special card or Jakpot, you also have a chance to win a lot of money. Maybe that’s the only thing that can super talk about the game of ceme. Hopefully this info is useful and beneficial for you, see you in the article after that.



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