Rules of How to Play Poker

Rules of How to Play Poker

  • March 15, 2021

Every online poker lover must always make sure he knows the rules of how to play. Poker is the best and best-selling card game because it is the game that easily gets fans. Most of all bettors from various countries are those who love online poker, who already know how to play and have a good strategy for how to play poker.

Playing poker doesn’t need to be difficult because it will be explained in a very simple and very easy way. The game of online poker has a much more secure development. Moreover, every day it is quite crowded who come to online poker sites such as paragonpoker88house and more and more visitors are coming to the online poker game table. Previously, pay attention to the rules for how to play before playing online poker.

Rules of How to Play Poker

Before playing online poker, of course, always pay attention to important things because there are ways to play that exist in all online poker games. Including one of them regarding the requirements for playing online poker, how to pay attention to and prepare the bettor. The requirements for how to play online include:

Make sure it is 20 years old

Make sure the current age of the bettor is 20 years to register or become a member on the paragonpoker88house site. Member registration and becoming an online poker gambling player must be at least 20 years old. The requirements for playing online poker are the latest and must be adhered to by all potential bettors who will register with online poker gambling agents.

Join ID on online poker sites

Join ID online on the poker site by registering yourself. Join ID member of the online poker gambling agent must comply with the provisions, namely registering to get an official ID for bettors who want to play online poker gambling. These rules of how to play poker must be followed by all bettors.

Never got ID at the same place

Never being in the same place is a requirement for all members. Each member is only allowed to register once, with the aim because if caught making another ID at the same one it will be blocked, these are the rules for how to play poker that must be remembered, how to play poker.

Have a personal account number

Have a personal account number and will be checked with the same name or not. All of these bettors must have a bank account number, but don’t borrow or use someone else’s account number. Because the account number will be Agen Judi Slot Deposit Pulsa for the purposes of withdrawing or replenishing your ID account, if you use someone else’s, it will be very troublesome and dangerous.

It is forbidden to use poker robots

Using online poker robots and cheating in any way is prohibited. The rules for playing online poker gambling are very strict so that one cheating bettor will not be given the opportunity once again by the poker gambling agent to play again, don’t you ever trick this rule because you want to always win, because if you break the rules of how to play poker that this one, will be very fatal for your ID account.

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Prepare funds for deposit

Prepare funds for depositing the initial deposit that will definitely be asked when the bettor registers a new ID with a poker gambling agent, without depositing all the knowledge of how to play deposit poker online via pulsa that you know will be in vain if it is not practiced.

Deposit and withdraw poker on schedule

Deposit and withdraw online poker according to the schedule on the site information. Visit the paragonpoker88house site or to the information page that provides how to withdraw and deposit the initial.

Using personal data

Using personal data is a requirement that must be considered by prospective members. Prospective members are not allowed to borrow other people’s personal data for registration because they are required to use their own or personal data.

Rules of How to Play Poker

After the bettor has obtained and prepared the rules for how to play poker then don’t forget to pay attention to the rules for how to play poker on this one, the rules for how to play poker, especially at the poker table, there are play menu choices. The poker play menu and what it does will be explained in the following, because this is one of the rules for how to play poker.


Check serves to place a poker bet in one round of play. Bettor can check before playing poker and get the next card. Well, the check is also given several times the choice by the dealer to determine the bettor to start betting or check back in the table.


Fold is a function of retreating from online poker gambling games and leaving the gaming table. The bettor who decides to fold must select the fold menu and then close all the hand cards on the online poker table.


Call is a function to make a bet with a certain bet amount when you get a turn. The bettor can place a bet with a certain amount or follow the same amount as his opponent.


The bet is that in one round of an online poker gambling game, the bettor can place a bet and then the opponent or the bettor who is clockwise follows.


Raise is a function to make bets that must match the previous bet amount that has been made by the bigger opponent. It can be said that the raise is to double the stake in online poker games.

All in

All in is a function of betting and submitting all balances in the account for a specific purpose, for example for account closure.

In playing online poker the menus above are the most influential at each step of the game round, this is one of the knowledge of how to play the latest poker, game bets and how the game is going to the end and get a win. Well, the winning terms are announced by the online poker gambling agent and are based on online poker card combinations.



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