Rules for Playing Indonesian Online Capsa Susun

Rules for Playing Indonesian Online Capsa Susun

  • March 15, 2021

Surely everyone already knows that by using playing cards, you can play several types of fun card games with your friends and colleagues? Call it like: poker, online capsa stacking, blackjack, sakong and other types of games. Can you name what games you like the most or enjoy doing? If you can say, in the game category that uses online poker playing cards and playing capsa are the most popular games among the Indonesian people.

This is because the rules in the arrangement of cards in the two games are almost the same. For example, when playing online poker, the highest order card is a card with a royal flush composition. Whereas in the capsa susun game, the dragon win combination is a rare card that is in the highest order in the card game.

Before we discuss the order of the stacked capsa cards from highest to lowest, it would be good to first start the discussion by knowing about the rules of playing qq deposit pulsa  such as the description that I will convey below.

Rules for Playing Indonesian Online Capsa Susun

Do not know, then do not love, maybe a parable like that is very appropriate when it is addressed to players who want to play capsa susun online. Having an understanding of the game will certainly be a very valuable asset for you later.

Playing capsa susun is actually still not too difficult, you are only required to arrange the 13 cards that will be distributed by a dealer in order to become a combination. How to play capsa stacking and card arrangement should not be done carelessly, it must be in accordance with the capsa rules that have been determined by the online gambling site. Please note, every player who participates in the game will be given a time limit when compiling the cards.

The rules for arranging cards in the capsa susun game are also unique. Where the 13 cards obtained by each player will later be divided into 3 parts. The card with the highest combination must be placed in the bottom line consisting of 5 cards. Whereas in the middle row which also consists of 5 cards, the order of cards may not be smaller than the top row.

Maybe there are still many of us who often see or experience errors in the arrangement of cards. A situation like that can happen there must be a reason, right? Through the information I have gathered from several sources, it can be said that a lack of understanding of the game is the biggest obstacle for every player when playing the Capsa Susun cards. What’s more, with a time given of only 24 seconds, of course it will make the player even more frustrated when arranging his cards.

How to Play Capsa Susun Cards for Beginners

As has been said before, where the method of arranging the capsa stacking cards must be in accordance with the rules that have been applied or you can also see it as the example below. In each line in the arrangement of the cards, of course, there are different points. These points will be multiplied according to the nominal limit of the bet on the betting table that you are participating in.

In addition, the sample image below will also provide information to you about the maximum number of players who can participate in the capsa stacking card game is 4 people. In addition, through this picture you can also find out how many points you will get through the output numbers next to the card arrangement.

Before we continue the discussion about calculating the points on each arrangement of cards, do you think there are still some of you who don’t really understand the explanation above?

Calculation of Points on the Capsa Game Card Arrangement

The amount of points that you will get when playing capsa stacking online really depends on each combination card arrangement on the betting table. Not only that, from the three rows of cards there are also different categories for the amount of points. Even though the bottom line is the part that must be filled with the highest card combination, it does not mean that you will get big points if the card you have is able to outperform other players. It is precisely the card arrangement in the middle row that has the biggest points in the online capsa stacking game.

How come? Doesn’t the bottom line have to be bigger than the middle row? Surely many of you feel confused by this. All decisions or actions must have a reason. Moreover, getting a large value or bonus certainly requires a process or challenge that is not easy either. It is the same as this card game, in order to provide a challenge to each player, you are required to have 2 sets of good card combinations as well. You can see the number of points as shown below.

Can you explain what you understand after seeing the example image above? If you can guess, maybe all you can understand is the number of points, but how to get it still has a little doubt or confusion.

For those of you who have often played the capsa card game, of course, laying or arranging cards is no longer an obstacle for you. But have you ever got a card that is on the bottom row the same as the middle row? If so, then how do you differentiate the order of the cards? Maybe confusion like that, you still often experience when playing capsa online.

Get to know the composition and order of online Capsa cards

If you pay attention, each playing card which consists of 52 pieces also has 4 types of symbols or symbols. For some people, maybe the symbol is just a variation to enhance the appearance of the card. But do you know that these symbols have a very significant role when playing card games? Let’s first look at an example of the image below.

  • Coat of arms of the Black Spade, a symbol that symbolizes winter.
  • Red Heart symbol, a symbol that symbolizes spring or spring.
  • Black Club emblem, a symbol representing summer or summer.
  • The Red Diamond emblem, a symbol representing autumn or fall.

As you can see in the example image above. Cards that have the symbol of spades or spades can be said to be the cards with the highest symbols in the capsa stacking game. Meanwhile, the love card that is in second place cannot be smaller than 2 cards or other symbols.

After understanding the rules for the order of card symbols in the capsa stacking game, now is the time for you to learn the sequence of combination cards from highest to lowest. Even though it has little in common with the game of poker, the highest card value in the online capsa card game is not a royal flush but a dragon card.

Apa itu kartu kombinasi dragon? Bagaimana cara agar bisa mendapatkan kartu tersebut? Untuk bisa mendapatkan kartu kombinasi tersebut bisa dikatakan kalian harus memiliki suatu keberuntungan. Hal tersebut dikarenakan kombinasi kartu capsa dragon memiliki persentase terendah bila dibandingkan dengan kombinasi lainnya. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan simak keterangan yang akan saya berikan dibawah ini.

1. Kartu Capsa Dragon

Seperti yang telah disinggung di awal pembahasan. Untuk memperoleh susunan kartu capsa dragon terlebih dahulu kalian harus lah memiliki kartu secara berurutan dengan komposisi yang terdiri dari kartu bernilai 2 sampai Ace. Untuk lebih mudah dipahami, dari ke-13 kartu yang kalian peroleh diwajibkan memiliki nilai berbeda satu dengan lainnya. Contoh gambar capsa susun dapat kalian lihat dibawah ini.

Perlu diketahui selain memiliki nilai yang saling berurutan, lambang atau simbol pada kartu tidak lah begitu mempengaruhi susunan kartu dragon. Apabila anda termaksud dari salah satu orang yang beruntung memperoleh kartu kombinasi tersebut, maka bonus sebesar 52 poin berhak kalian dapatkan di sesi putaran pada meja taruhan tersebut.

2. Six Pairs

Bagi kalian yang sering bermain capsa offline tentunya belum begitu tau mengenai kartu capsa susun seperti ini. Sama seperti kombinasi kartu dragon win, six pairs merupakan kartu yang bisa dikatakan sangat langka pada permainan capsa susun. Apabila komposisi kartu dragon win yang mengharuskan setiap pemain memiliki susunan kartu dengan nilai yang saling berurutan. Maka hal tersebut berbeda dengan six pairs. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan perhatikan contoh gambar dibawah ini.

Sesuai dengan namanya yang apabila diartikan ke bahasa Indonesia. Ke-13 kartu yang diperoleh pemain bersangkutan harus lah memiliki 6 set kartu dengan nilai sama seperti contoh diatas. Menurut sumber yang saya dapatkan, sampai saat ini belum diketahui berapa besaran poin yang akan diperoleh oleh pemain apabila mendapatkan kombinasi kartu seperti ini. Untuk itu, bisa saja anda merupakan orang pertama yang beruntung mendapatkan bonus jackpot tersebut.

3. Royal Flush

Bagi kalian yang menggemari permainan kartu poker online bisa dipastikan tidak akan asing lagi mengenai susunan kartu capsa seperti ini. Untuk mendapatkan royal flush, pemain yang bersangkutan haruslah memiliki 5 buah kartu dengan nilai berurutan dan lambang sama. Perlu diketahui, kartu Ace merupakan salah satu syarat yang harus dimiliki pemain bersangkutan apabila hendak memperoleh kombinasi royal flush. Seperti contoh gambar yang bisa kalian lihat dibawah ini.

Meskipun bisa dikatakan susah-susah gampang. Tetapi peluang untuk mendapatkan kartu kombinasi seperti ini masih memiliki persentase yang lebih besar bila dibandingkan 2 kombinasi lainnya. Seperti yang diketahui keberuntungan saat bermain judi online tidak bisa kita tebak kapan datang nya. Bagi anda yang beruntung mendapatkan kartu kombinasi royal flush, bersiaplah bonus sebesar 22 poin berhak kalian dapatkan.

4. Straight Flush

Apabila dilihat sekilas, kombinasi straight flush memiliki sedikit kemiripan dengan susunan royal flush. Sama-sama diwajibkan memiliki komposisi kartu yang terdiri dari nilai berurutan dan lambang sama. Yang membedakan kedua jenis kombinasi tersebut ada pada kartu Ace. Untuk mendapatkan susunan straight flush maka kartu yang dimiliki oleh pemain bersangkutan tidak boleh melebihi kartu king. Untuk contoh gambar susunan kartu capsa nya bisa dilihat dibawah ini.

Pada permainan capsa online, terdapat dua poin penting yang harus kalian perhatikan jika memperoleh susunan kombinasi dari kartu straight flush. Apabila kombinasi dari kartu tersebut tersusun pada bagian tengah maka pemain bersangkutan berhak memperoleh bonus sebesar 14 poin. Tetapi jika susunan dari kartu straight flush berada di baris paling bawah, maka bonus sebesar 7 poin akan kalian peroleh dari sesi putaran tersebut.

Perlu diingat, meskipun bayaran pada baris tengah lebih besar daripada bawah, bukan berarti kalian bisa meletakkan susunan kartu hanya dengan mengikuti besaran point tersebut. Hal yang perlu diperhatikan apabila berkeinginan meletakkan susunan kartu straight flush pada baris tengah adalah dengan syarat kombinasi kartu di bagian bawah harus lah lebih tinggi daripada tengah.

5. Four of Kind

Kartu tertinggi ketiga pada game kartu poker online ini bisa dikatakan memiliki susunan dari kartu kombinasi yang unik. Dikatakan demikian karena komposisi susunan kartu tersebut terdiri dari 4 buah kartu yang memiliki nilai sama. Selain itu, persentase untuk mendapatkan susunan tersebut juga tidak lah sesulit seperti kombinasi lainnya. Bagi kalian yang ingin mengetahui susunan kartu four of kind, silahkan perhatikan contoh gambar dibawah ini.

Karena masih tergolong dalam kartu kombinasi yang memiliki bonus jackpot, maka bonus sebesar 10 poin berhak didapatkan pemain bersangkutan apabila berhasil menyusun kartu tersebut pada bagian tengah. Tetapi jika kartu four of kind seperti ini disusun pada bagian paling bawah maka kalian hanya akan mendapatkan 5 poin.

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6. Full House

Bisa dikatakan full house merupakan susunan terakhir yang berada dalam kategori kombinasi bonus pada game kartu online capsa uang asli. Untuk memperoleh kombinasi seperti ini pun masih tergolong memiliki persentase yang jauh lebih mudah bila dibandingkan dengan susunan kartu lainnya. Bagi kalian yang belum begitu paham mengenai susunan kartu tersebut, silahkan perhatikan contoh gambar berikut ini.

Poin yang dimiliki oleh komposisi susunan kartu yang terdiri dari perpaduan kombinasi three of kind dan two pairs ini adalah 5. Poin tersebut berhak kalian dapatkan apabila berhasil memperoleh susunan kartu kombinasi full house disaat bermain capsa susun online uang asli.

7. Three of Kind

Pada permainan capsa online uang asli, kombinasi three of kind dan four of kind sebenarnya memiliki susunan kartu yang sama. Hanya jumlah kartu dengan nilai sama yang membedakan kedua kombinasi tersebut. Apabila pada kombinasi four of kind setiap pemain diharuskan memiliki 4 buah kartu yang sama maka hal tersebut berbeda dengan three of kind. Untuk mendapatkan kartu three of kind pemain bersangkutan hanya diwajibkan memiliki 3 buah kartu dengan nilai sama saja. Untuk contohnya dapat dilihat pada gambar dibawah ini.

Jika kalian perhatikan, setiap susunan kartu pada permainan capsa susun uang asli saling memiliki keterkaitan. Contoh nya seperti kombinasi full house. Apabila ingin mendapatkan susunan tersebut maka salah satu syarat yang harus kalian lakukan adalah memiliki susunan kartu three of kind dan two pairs.

Dan yang membuat kombinasi kartu three of kind lebih berkesan lagi adalah jumlah poin nya. Selain bonus sebesar 3 poin akan kalian dapatkan, persentase untuk memperoleh kombinasi kartu tersebut pun tergolong jauh lebih mudah bila dibandingkan dengan susunan kartu bonus jackpot lainnya.

8. Flush

Seperti yang sudah disinggung, kombinasi flush dapat disebut juga sebagai turunan dari susunan kartu royal flush pada permainan capsa online uang asli. Untuk mendapatkan susunan flush maka pemain bersangkutan harus lah memiliki 5 buah kartu yang memiliki lambang atau simbol sama. Penting untuk kalian ketahui, urutan dari 5 kartu tersebut harus lah memiliki susunan dengan nilai yang acak bukan saling berurutan. Seperti contoh gambar yang dapat kalian lihat dibawah ini.

Meskipun bukan termasuk kartu bonus, setidaknya memiliki susunan kombinasi seperti ini kalian sudah memiliki peluang bagus ketika kartu tersebut di adu dengan kartu yang dimiliki oleh pemain lainnya. Selain itu, persentase untuk mendapatkan kartu kombinasi seperti ini pun tergolong sangat lah besar.

9. Straight

Sama seperti susunan kartu kombinasi flush. Dimana untuk mendapatkan kombinasi straight kalian diwajibkan memiliki 5 buah kartu dengan nilai yang berurutan. Sebagai catatan, susunan kelima kartu tersebut tidak lah boleh memiliki lambang yang sama. Meskipun bukan termaksud kartu kategori bonus jackpot, tetapi persentase untuk mendapatkan kombinasi kartu tersebut masih lah tergolong mudah. Untuk contoh gambar nya bisa kalian lihat dibawah ini.

10 . Two Pair

Apabila kalian termaksud salah satu orang yang menyukai permainan capsa susun online, pastinya sudah tidak asing lagi dengan kartu kombinasi pair seperti ini. Bisa dikatakan dari sekian banyaknya kartu kombinasi pada game capsa online, kartu pair merupakan susunan yang paling sering diperoleh oleh setiap pemain saat berpartisipasi kedalam permainan.

Kombinasi yang terdiri dari 2 set kartu dengan nilai sama ini sangat lah sering diletakkan pada bagian tengah atau baris pertama di susunan kartu. Hal tersebut bisa dikatakan pada kedua baris tersebut merupakan batasan yang sering dipergunakan oleh para pemain kartu capsa susun untuk meletakkan kartu kombinasi yang dimilikinya. Untuk contoh gambarnya bisa dilihat dibawah ini.

11. One Pair

Kombinasi yang lebih dikenal dengan sebutan kartu pair ini memiliki 1 set kartu dengan nilai sama pada susunan nya. Masih sama seperti kartu two pair, dimana peletakan kartu kombinasi ini biasanya sangat lah beragam. Terkadang bisa kita jumpai pemain yang meletakkan nya di bagian tengah dan baris pertama pada permainan capsa online. Untuk mengetahui susunan kartu nya, silahkan langsung saja lihat gambar contoh dibawah ini.

12. High Card

Bisa dikatakan high card merupakan susunan kartu dengan urutan terendah pada games kartu online capsa susun. Komposisi yang terdapat dari kartu ini pun tergolong unik. Dimana dalam susunan kartu tersebut sama sekali tidak memiliki suatu kombinasi yang pas atau bagus. Oleh karena itu lebih banyak para pemain capsa susun online yang meletakkan susunan kartu tersebut pada bagian pertama. Contoh gambarnya dapat kalian lihat dibawah ini.

Sebelum kita lanjutkan pembahasan mengenai cara bermain capsa susun, kira-kira dengan penjelasan yang sudah diberikan seperti keterangan diatas. Apakah masih ada diantara kalian yang belum begitu memahami mengenai urutan capsa? Jika ada, di akhir pembahasan nanti kalian bisa melakukan tanya jawab pada kolom komentar mengenai hal apa saja yang belum dipahami dengan baik dan benar. Dan bagi kalian yang sudah memahami nya, silahkan simak keterangan yang akan saya sampaikan berikut ini.

Cara Bermain Kartu Capsa Susun Bagi Pemula

Seperti diketahui, di awal permainan masing-masing pemain akan mendapatkan 13 buah kartu yang akan dibagikan oleh seorang bandar di meja taruhan. Ke-13 kartu tersebut nantinya akan kalian rangkai agar menjadi suatu kombinasi yang disusun menjadi 3 baris. Dimana pada baris paling bawah dan tengah susunan kartu harus lah terdiri dari 5 buah kartu. Sedangkan 3 buah kartu lainnya akan disusun pada bagian paling atas.

Seperti yang sudah dijelaskan di awal pembahasan. Peletakkan susunan kartu harus lah sesuai dengan peraturan capsa yang berlaku. Dengan memahami setiap aturan capsa di suatu situs judi online bisa dipastikan nantinya kalian tidak akan mengalami kendala lagi disaat memainkan permainan kartu remi capsa online seperti ini.

In addition, those of you who want to play this playing card game must also know how to calculate the points on each line of the card line. For that, let’s look at the information that I will provide below.

1. Translucent

This calculation system is for one player who has a better card than the other player. Whether it is counted from the arrangement of cards on the bottom row, middle row and top row. If such conditions occur, the player concerned will receive a payment according to the winnings of the card he finds. You need to know, every point you find will be multiplied by the minimum bet according to the capsa rules on the site.

2. Translucent around

If what is meant by the break-through condition is for a player to win each arrangement of his cards against one of the other players, it is also different from the round-through calculation system. In this condition, the circumference is more intended for a player who manages to win or has the highest combination card than the other 3 players.

Regarding the bonus payment that will be received by the player concerned, it is quite large. Every point that is successfully obtained from each hand will be multiplied by 4. It should be noted, this calculation system applies if the betting table is followed by 4 players.

3. Pao

As has been mentioned at the beginning of the discussion. Pao is a condition where there is a player who makes a mistake when making cards. This error is certainly one of the most frightening scourges for every player when playing capsa cards. If such conditions occur, the player concerned will be deemed to have lost through the round in the round session.

If the system goes around the player concerned, he will get paid 4 times. Then it is inversely proportional to the pao system where the player is required to pay a multiplication of 4 times to 3 other players.

For those of you who don’t really know how to calculate points when playing capsa stacking, please look at the example image below.

A Brief Overview Of How To Play Capsa Cards

After reading the explanation as explained above, how do you understand the online capsa card gambling game? Can it be followed properly? The essence of the capsa susun card game actually lies in the arrangement of the cards. Speed ​​and accuracy when arranging cards are needed when playing online capsa stacking.

For those of you who don’t really understand how to play capsa susun, it is advisable to first practice their skills by trying to play offline. As we know, you can also play offline capsa games through the application. You can find various offline game applications in the app store and play store through the various types of gadget or android brands that you have.

By continuing to hone your skills, of course, your tricks to play capsa susun will increase. That way, to get a profit in every win, you can be sure that it is no longer an obstacle for you. Or you can also learn various variants of tricks for playing capsa susun through several forums and blogs that discuss the world of online gambling.

The last step you need to do after understanding how to play capsa cards is to look for online gambling sites. If we pay attention, an online gambling site is now not that difficult for you to get. Through various social media, forums, blogs or even Google searches, there are many online gambling sites that offer the best products.

Easy does not mean that you are required to carelessly choose or determine an online gambling site without paying attention to the background of the online casino dealer. This is because at this time you cannot only experience crimes or crimes in the real world. But through technology you also experience such incidents.

By taking advantage of current technological sophistication, many online gambling sites are fake and present in the midst of Indonesian society. Most of the several sites are only intended to benefit from each member only. One of the ways is by luring a very tantalizing gift or bonus promo so that the prospective members are impressed so that they join the site.

For that, there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to find a trusted online gambling site through several blogs or forums that discuss the world of gambling. Or it could be through recommendations from your friends or colleagues who have already plunged into the world of online gambling.

How to get a playing account on online gambling sites

To be able to participate in the game, you must first have an account to play on an online gambling site. How to get it? Of course it is very easy, you only need to follow the instructions given by the site. The online capsa stacking menu feature can usually be seen clearly in the middle or right above the main page of an online gambling site.

By accessing this feature, you will be led to the registration form. It is recommended that when filling out the form, the data you provide must be valid and still active. This aims to make it easier for the sbobet Indonesia agent staff to provide information to you about achievement targets and other attractive bonus promos.

That is the information about how to play capsa susun that I can convey. Hopefully the article that I have provided is useful for you in the future. Not to forget I also want to thank those of you who took the time to read this article. If there are errors in writing or delivery, you can help correct them by notifying them in the comments column below. Best wishes to all of you Indonesian bettor.



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