Procedures and Tips for Playing AduQ Online

Procedures and Tips for Playing AduQ Online

  • April 12, 2021

Gambling games in Indonesia have existed since ancient times until now. It’s just that, the media and the ways are changing. If in the past cockfighting was a gambling medium, now games such as card games are the most popular gambling media for the public because they can be played by many people. Not only that, sporting matches are often used as a medium for gambling. Even now, gambling is not all about that and can be done online. So that gamblers can play with other gamblers from various regions even up to an international scale from various countries. Not to mention the more and more various benefits you get.

AduQ Online Game
In contrast to other countries that legalize gambling such as America and Russia which can easily find casinos, Indonesia is very difficult even if there is a very high risk of getting caught. So that not many dare to open casinos and gamblers can only gamble closed to their own circles so as not to be detected. However, after the existence of online gambling, gamblers have other alternatives so that they can still play gambling openly and not only with known people but with all gamblers from all over, so the gambling game will be even more interesting.

The AduQ game at an online casino is one of the most popular games besides domino games, poker and other card games. This game also uses domino bandar slot terbesar by using different rules and ways of playing. This game uses only two cards per player and looks for the player with the highest value to win. The absolute rule that must be followed is that the maximum number of players for one table is 8 people. While the minimum bet value for each table is different and players can choose a table that matches the number of chips they have at that time.

Procedures for Playing AduQ Online
How to play AduQ online is very easy, even beginners can immediately play it and complain about their profits at the AduQ gambling table. In one table the maximum number of players is 8 people. Players can choose a gambling table with a minimum bet value that matches the number of chips they have. If you have chosen a gambling table, the player will be asked to automatically bet according to the minimum bet value selected, then the dealer will distribute two cards to each player. After that the player just needs to count the number of cards he has and the winner is the player with the highest number of card values.

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The highest score of this AduQ game is 9 which is called Q (kiu). If no one reaches 9, the player with the highest number is chosen. If the number is two digits, then the last digit or number is considered. For example, if the total is 11 then the value is considered to be 1 and so on. If there are two players with the same value, then the winner is selected based on the value of the bet given. If it is the same, then it is seen that the baking card with the greatest value is the winner. Because it is done online, every player can see other players’ cards because the cards are immediately opened. Thus cheating cannot be carried out. Moreover, everything has been regulated by the system and players can only follow the existing system.

Tips for Playing AduQ Online
The AduQ online gambling game is completely systemized and one round of the game is very fast because it is done automatically so that players only rely on luck. The cards are opened on the table so that all players can find out the other players’ cards and can determine for themselves who the winner is. However, there are some tips that can be applied when playing, namely when choosing a gambling table. When choosing a gambling table, don’t just choose without thinking about the number of chips. Although later you can buy new chips right away, it is better to adjust to the number of chips currently owned. Choose a table with a bet value of 10x below the chip you have. Suppose you have 20,000 chips then choose a table with a stake of 2,000.

Besides that, don’t just play at one table because this game is very random. judi bandarq online Even if you win at the table, it doesn’t mean that in the next round you can win the game again. So, it’s better to choose another table to try your luck again. Thus the chance of winning will be higher than playing up to several rounds at the same table. Therefore, choose the table with the smallest bet value so you can play many times. Although basically depending on luck, that doesn’t mean you don’t need tricks when playing. Tricks and tricks like this can be found yourself if you have played a lot.


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