Poker Playing Tips and Tricks

Poker Playing Tips and Tricks

  • March 15, 2021

Playing Poker – Maybe for some people, playing poker is not difficult, they can even win lots of chips with only a small amount of capital. However, on the other hand, there are people whose chips always run out because they lose.

In this article, I will discuss Tricks and Tips on How to Play qq poker online terpercaya to increase your chips. The reviews are as follows:

1. Watch Your Hand’s Card

Hand’s Card is the card that is held in the hand, which is initially dealt by the dealer to each player with 2 cards each, where if the first card is the highest card, it can be your first advantage.

The second card is the card to support your first card. Make sure your card is middle and up, meaning the card that starts from the number 9 and above and the second card is a card 5 and above. If your card matches the one above, then the probability of winning has reached 20%, don’t forget to also pay attention to the cards of the same type or the proximity of the rows of cards (in order) because this can increase your winning percentage. Cards in sequence, for example: 9 and 7 or J and 9.

2. Pay attention to the 3 cards that are opened first

We all agree that the first three cards in playing poker are quite decisive for losing and winning in playing poker. Try combining these 3 cards with the 2 cards in your hand. Is the card likely to be straight? Possible to get Flush? or if combined, have you obtained One Pair or Two Pair? For those who don’t know the terminology of poker, you can read it here

If your card is almost straight, it is advisable not to rush to “ALL IN” because all bad possibilities can happen (better check first or call with a moderate amount of bets).

If your card is about to flush (less than 1 card) then do the same steps as earlier. If you already have One Pair, the card is the largest card among the 3 cards opened, then you can raise half of your capital, if your card is Two Pair, you can “ALL IN” all of your capital. Why “ALL IN” ?? why hurry ?? Because if we wait until the 4th card is opened on the table, then your opponent will consider whether to play or not. If your opponent sees that the 4th card does not match the one held, then he will be FOLD, your opponent will automatically decrease, so you should be able to win the chip.

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3. Play casually, don’t be rushed if the cards are good

This trick MUST be known by every poker player. Don’t be in a Agen Casino Sbobet if you get a good card at the start even though the possibility of winning is in sight. Imagine, for example, that your card is already 3 Of a Kind, and you are in a hurry to ALL IN all your capital, most likely your opponent will FOLD because they have not had any matching cards, so you will not get their initial capital.

It is recommended to check / call first until the last 2nd rounde, the reason is so that one of your opponents raises first, so you can follow the bet or you can increase the number of bets twice, and finally followed by ALL IN your possible opponent will come because if they are FOLD then the money they put in will run out. That way you will win with maximum wins.

4. Bully Opponents

Well, this technique is not recommended at all because the risk is quite high. This technique can only be done if we are sure that the opponent does not have a single card match, but it is better that this method is not done, especially if there are still many active players, the higher your risk. However, some poker players have used this technique (You can also read: Types of players in the game of poker)

If you still want to do this technique, at least you already have One Pair, and be careful using this technique because you might get stuck with a type of game like the one in no.3.

5. Don’t Play With Emotions

It turns out that playing poker also requires a good mental player. Why? Since most poker players after they lose, they get emotional into betting very much / all, hoping to get their chips back and it turns out that they are using up all their capital.

Play casually, increase the number of bets according to the logic and the cards you hold. Remember all the tips above. Remember!! Even if you lose, your money can come back even if slowly.

So many tips and tricks on how to play poker from me. Hopefully this article can be useful for multiplying your chips. If there are other tricks or for those who are already practicing, if you wish, you can share in the comments section below …



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