Playing Capsa Susun Online Well and Correctly

Playing Capsa Susun Online Well and Correctly

  • March 15, 2021

The name for this type of game to play capsa susun online is certainly no stranger to hearing at this time. The card game that uses playing cards as the main medium for playing is arguably the second most popular card game. After poker games you can find at various land casinos. as well as the online gambling site manapon. before explaining how to play Capsa Susun online. first I will share a little information about the history of this capsa susun game.

History About Game Capsa Sort

According to information from some historians, the game of capsa susun originated from some shepherds from West Asia who managed to evolve. another way in the game of chess which at that time still used a number of pebbles as its main medium in play poker yang bisa deposit pakai pulsa.

Besides that, there is also other information that says that games like this have existed since Emperor Mu-Tsung. presided over the dynasty of ancient Chinese empire which was simultaneously also played with the game of Pai Gow at that time. And there are also those who say that this game of dolo is also used as a means of communicating with gods. which uses 4 sticks or arrows marked with several symbols. a sign which will then be thrown onto the altar which has been prepared by the stick which first fell on the altar. that is what will be a sign of the god’s answer or direction to the prayer of the adherent.

And for the European region itself this type of game was first discovered in Italy at that time. use tarot cards that are used as a tool to see fate. The oldest tarot cards were first discovered in the region of Lombardy in 1470. which amounted to 50 cards and divided into 5 groups which on the face of the card “has a picture. with the theme “mythology which defines several aspects of life.

As the era progressed, the pound tarot cards evolved into 78 pieces which are increasingly known as the Venetian tarot cards. which is gradually used by some as a tool for playing card games. which at this time is better known as playing Bandar Sbobet Resmi.

The Meaning Of The Picture In The Remi Card

King ( K )

  • King of Spades: King David (David)
  • King of Hearts: Charlemagne (King of France)
  • King Curly: Alexander The Great (Iskandar the Great)
  • Diamond King: Gaius Julius Caesar

Queen ( Q )

  • Queen of Spades: Pallas (Pallas Athena daughter of King Zeus)
  • Queen of Hearts: Judith (Queen of Wessex & Queen of Flanders)
  • Queen Keriting : Argine ( The Mother of Intuition Card )
  • Queen Diamond: Rachel (means doba female / wife of Jacob)
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Jack (J)

  • Jack of Spades: Holger Danske (Knight of Chalemagne)
  • Jack Heart: La Hire (A Swordsman from Frankia)
  • Curly Jack: Lancelot (Knight of the Round Table)
  • Diamond Jack: Hector (Trojan prince / Troy’s greatest warrior)

Some of the terms Capsa Susun have ever been used

First discovered in Italy as tarot cards which are used as a tool to predict someone’s fate. After the development of time this type of game became known as Russian Poker. And for the Vietnamese people it is better known as Xap Xam Choung. And in China it is better known as Luosong Pai Jiu or also known as Russian Pai Gow. because the game system is almost like the game Pai Gow and for Americans it is better known as Chinese Poker.

How to Play Capsa Susun Online

And for the Indonesian people themselves, they may be familiar with this type of game. because now we can find a lot of people who just play for fun at home. with friends and family, especially for gamblers / bettors, of course, now there is no need to go far ”anymore to neighboring countries. for the sake of channeling his pleasure in playing capsa with real money. because at this time you can only enjoy it via cellphone or computer.

How to play this type of game online, pound is no different from what we often encounter in mainland casinos. The only difference is the system where you have to fill in the personal data form provided by the online gambling site. and are required to know how to deposit and withdraw. Trusted online gambling site agents usually always provide a 24-hour LiveChat feature which aims to serve each member. who want to ask about the types of “games that are on the site. Besides being able to channel their hobbies to get their fun, members can also make online capsa a place to get benefits. from every win you have won, especially on several online sites that also provide bonus promos. which is attractive to both new members and permanent members.

So how, are you more interested in playing Capsa Susun online or directly visiting mainland casinos ??. Whatever your choice, make sure first to understand the rules and regulations. because every online gambling site and mainland casino always has a different system.

Thus the article that I provide can help add insight for you. to be able to understand about the history and how to play Capsa Online properly and correctly.



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