Panduan Bermain Domino Qiu Qiu Online

Panduan Bermain Domino Qiu Qiu Online

  • March 15, 2021

Domino is a group of 28 cards that are rectangular, each card has dots that become a number on the card. The largest number on this card is log 6 (Twelve point cards divided into two halves). Balak means cards that have the same number on both sides. examples of log cards:

Domino is a traditional game and can now be played online. If you still can’t play this game, in this article I will provide a guide to playing Domino Online online.

1. Domino cards consist of 28 cards which are usually situs qiu qiu online played by 2 to 6 people at one table. Each person is initially dealt three cards at random by the dealer.

2. At first, each player will be given three cards by the dealer at random. Combine the four cards and divide it into two parts, namely the left side and the right side. The highest number is the winner.

3. In a domino game, the highest number is 9 which is called 9 cue. If the total number of cards is more than nine, which is dozens, for example 17, then only the last number is taken, as well as the twenty and so on.

4. The opportunity to bet twice is when the first three cards are dealt at the start and also when you draw the fourth card, you get the opportunity to increase the bet.

5. If one of the players does not follow his opponent’s bet, then he is not entitled to draw a fourth card

6. The winner in this game is the one who has the highest number of combinations of 2 pairs of values, for example as pictured above.

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7. So suppose that two players have the same number? If both players have the same number, then the player with the highest number of logs will be the winner. Example:

As for some terms for special cards, if you get this card luck is on your side, it is said to be a special card because this is the highest card in the Domino Agen Casino Indonesia. Special cards such as:

1. The Six Gods Card

what is meant by the six gods card is to have four cards which if rounded up each amount to six. For example:

2. Card of Balak Four

Having a log card is an advantage, especially since the logs that are owned are four pieces, it becomes a special card called four logs. Example:

The Empty ChainCards do not have to be regular

3. Big Pure Card

A large pure card is a special card where if the four cards are combined, the total is at least 40. Example of a Large Pure Card:

4. Small Pure Card

Small Pure Card is a card that when combined, four of which do not add up to more than 9 circles. Example:

How about the explanation just now? Are you ready to become the god of gambling? That’s my guide. If anyone wants to add or someone doesn’t understand, you can leave a comment below …



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