Online Poker Members Are Afraid of Forfeiting Their Funds

Online Poker Members Are Afraid of Forfeiting Their Funds

  • March 14, 2021

Monday is a day that must be initiated by the community in carrying out various activities. One of the activities or activities initiated by the community is making money by working. Work from morning home in the afternoon or evening. With the hope of being able to bring home money for daily personal or family needs. Sometimes there are still many people who are not satisfied with their income, so they try to use the available time to look for additional income. One way is to play online poker gambling. Playing card gambling using this smartphone has no doubt about its safety and benefits. Because people will be able to get millions of rupiah in a matter of minutes.

In general, people play more on their smartphones after work. If people want to play, then they have to spend a certain amount of capital or make a deposit first. In general, trusted online poker gambling idn poker sites make deposits with a minimum nominal value of IDR 10,000. Later, if members have transferred funds, they can confirm funds by filling out the deposit form from their account and hope customer service can process it immediately. However, it turns out that there was an error or problem that occurred when the member made a deposit. So that the funds are delayed or until they are not processed. The article at this time we want poker members to be afraid that their deposit will be burned.

1. When the Bank is Disruption or Offline

First, our members often convey or worry if the funds that have been transferred or deposited have not been processed or entered into their account. Even though the member wants to play immediately, it turns out that the bank that has been used by the member is offline or also experiencing interference. So that customer service cannot help check the member’s funds. Members are afraid and worried if their money is not processed. Members need to know that if later the bank is back online or the bank is back to normal. Later customer service will help check, if indeed the member’s funds are in. Customer service will definitely help process it, it’s just that the disturbance doesn’t know how long.

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2. When Depositing Using Someone Else’s Account

Second, where every day poker members are still found making deposits or transferring funds using a friend’s account or not registered in their account. Maybe other online gambling sites allow things like this, but for convenience and not to misunderstand. So we ask that members make a deposit using a registered account. But what happens when a member has already used his friend’s account? Members need not be afraid that their funds will be burned. Members can register a new account using a friend’s or unregistered account. Later, members can fill in the fund deposit form, so that later customer service will process the funds into the new account, because CS works according to procedures.

3. When Continued Transfer to the Old Account

Third, if a member wants to transfer funds, they must first transfer funds. Members can also check the account number for which they want to deposit on the Deposit Funds menu, which will display our name and account number. However, there are still members who simply transfer funds without checking first, because they are used to transferring funds to their usual accounts. However, when I wanted to fill out the fund deposit form, it turned out that the account had changed. As a result? This member panicked because he had not played for weeks and the wrong transfer. So there is no solution or assistance from customer service, because the funds are considered forfeited or donated.

4. It would be nice to always confirm and check first

We as customer service also always hope to work and serve our members smoothly, safely and quickly. Because we know the members want their deposit processed immediately and can play immediately. But with our presence to help members via Live Chat, we really hope that members can confirm their bank status in advance. Then you also want to deposit, you can always check your account first on the deposit funds menu. Because if the bank experiences a disturbance and the account number changes suddenly and there is no notification. We really hope for the cooperation and understanding from the members as well, therefore please understand.



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