Online Poker Member Actions and Messages Today

Online Poker Member Actions and Messages Today

  • March 14, 2021

Discussing online poker gambling games is never bored. We are happy to provide and convey important, factual and truthful information to the public. Because our goal is also to provide knowledge without containing elements of fraud or hoaxes to the public. It becomes a matter of pride if you can help members, because our job as customer service is to guide and help solve member problems completely in a good and correct way or procedure. So that member problems can be resolved smoothly or there are no other obstacles. Just like in customer service in general, we provide the best possible service so that members can feel comfortable and at home.

Customer Service Must Be Patient

We serve members and must be patient and provide solutions well. Moreover, as we know, members have different knowledge and perceptions. Sometimes customer service also has to be patient to explain information that is not understood by members several times until members can understand. Because there are many and as we have encountered, there are a lot of people who want to get a lot of money from online gambling but don’t know the right way to do it. This is often found every day when new or new members join and want to play on our trusted online poker gambling idnplay88.

Often times we meet new members who want to try their luck and want to earn money from this popular game. But the name is also a new experiment, sometimes not as expected and failing. So that makes yourself disappointed and regretful because there is no advantage when you lose several times. Then of course negative thoughts arise and also convey some complaints. This was conveyed by the members in the hope that they could give results and the site could give them a chance to win. Even though members don’t know much, that online poker gambling game sites generally use this V Poker Server is global. Where the game is also 100% pure.

Unclear Spam Chat For More than 1 Hour

The action we encountered today was spam chat because the members were upset because they felt there was no result. Members also admit that they have lost up to tens of millions on our site. But was the defeat caused by us? Are we, as a customer service, who are busy every day to reply to chats, process the funds of so many other members who have the chance to manage the game? Of course not and we as customer service hope our members can win a lot. Members were described as unwilling to believe, and repeatedly sent obscene messages, sent unclear photos and felt happy if they bothered us while working.

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Afraid the Funds Just Scorched

Often times the bank experiences disruptions, such as interference with not being able to access which has been caused by maintenance from the bank. Then also where we, as usual, had a problem not being able to check our account mutations. So that it makes us unable to check and help process our member funds. Because we work in accordance with the procedure and have to check first from our members, adjust it to the deposit form and process it into our member account. Members often come to chat even though they already know the bank is interrupted and there is no proof of the transfer. Members are often afraid that their funds will be forfeited, even though they will be assisted if the bank is normal.

The cards are bad and never hit the jackpot

On this day we also get messages from poker members who are sometimes strange, asking us to provide Gaple and Togel games. Even though these two games are not on the Poker V server site. If a member really wants to play the lottery, we can provide recommendation sites that can be played by members. Then there are still many members who complain about the cards he gets that are always ugly and small which makes him lose continuously. Then there were also many members who complained about getting the highest card and jackpot. Even though members don’t need to force themselves if their cards are bad and it all depends on the skill of each other.



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