Interesting Facts Behind PKV Gambling Application Updates

Interesting Facts Behind PKV Gambling Application Updates

  • March 14, 2021

Have you ever tried directly to play online gambling? If you have already, surely you have tried playing directly through the PKV gambling application, right? For those who still don’t know, PKV is one of the largest online gambling servers in Southeast Asia and is a pioneer in the emergence of online gambling sites in Indonesia.

But this month there were a few changes to the application made by the pkv gambling server. Even though it has been operating for a long time, the PKV application itself has never been updated before. But now the pkv application has undergone an update where the gambling server prioritizes comfort for the poker deposit pulsa indosat players when they want to make transactions.

Some Changes In The PKV Gambling Application

The changes made by this pkv gambling application also turned out to be quite helpful for players when they wanted to deposit funds or withdraw funds. They don’t have to bother to log out of the application to fill out the form and then go back to playing again. In my opinion, this increasingly complex convenience is sufficient to support the comfort of the players. All right, without lingering, here are some changes in the pkv application:


The deposit feature launched by the pkv gambling server application has also successfully made it easy for players. Moreover, players don’t need to issue an account when they want to fill out the fund deposit form. So players can easily continue the game without having to stop the game for a long time.


When you want to try to withdraw half of your winnings and then continue the game, of course it will be difficult if you Agen Casino Indonesia to remove an account first. With the help of this feature, it will be easier for you to withdraw funds later

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Have you experienced an account breach or something like that? Account breaches can occur when you forget to log out of your account. But with the password feature contained in this application, you can immediately change your password without spending a long time.

Secret Question

Secret questions are a new type of security. The secret question feature can be found on the pkv game application easily. When you want to change your question, you just need to replace it directly through the pkv application.

How to Download the PKV Application

To download the PKV gambling application is not so. Because you only need to follow a few simple steps below:

  • Log in to your account on the site or PKV gambling agent you subscribe to first.
  • After you have logged in, usually on the login menu there is a logo with an android image.
  • Clicking on the menu bar with an android image, after which a notification will appear to download the application.
  • Please press the download button and you have to wait for some time until the download of the application is complete.
  • Usually after the application has been successfully downloaded, there is a notification to install it.
  • Please click on the notification to install the PKV application.
  • After the application has been installed properly, please contact Customer Service from the related gambling site to request a site login.

But even though it is comfortable to use, the PKV gambling application cannot yet be played by Apple or iOS users. So the PKV application can only be used and played via an Android smartphone.



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