How to Speed ​​Up the Transaction Process When Playing Online Gambling

How to Speed ​​Up the Transaction Process When Playing Online Gambling

  • March 14, 2021

Gambling nowadays has begun to be used by some people as a place to earn additional income amid fierce trade competition. Playing online gambling seems to be a solution behind the fierce trade competition that is getting tighter. These businessmen, who have started to occupy positions as professional gambling players, continue to develop their techniques and knowledge.

But as an online gambling player, we must have found a point of weakness in online gambling, right? The point of weakness is in terms of transactions. Transactions are a vital part of determining whether a gambler plays well or not. Delays in processing funds will undoubtedly irritate us.

How to Speed ​​Up Transactions When Playing Online Gambling

Constraints in the transaction process can occur for various reasons. The main reason for the delay of agents processing average domino deposit pulsa player funds is due to bank disturbances. Of course, as players we will feel annoyed when we have to stop playing online gambling activities because of obstacles such as distractions, right?

For some people it might not be a problem if you have to wait until the bank is back online or normal. But for someone who is in the profession as a gambler, time is the most valuable thing for them. Because in every minute they have to reap the benefits of the game they are playing.

To be able to avoid transaction disruptions, you can do a number of ways which we will share with you below:

Using Unique Nominal

The first method is quite simple, you can transfer funds using unique amounts such as 100,684, 100,358 and others. Use this unique nominal so that the system from the site where you play can mark the funds and the account that sent the funds.

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Keeping Proof of Transaction

The second way, you can save proof of your deposit transaction and show it to Customer Service from the related gambling site. Usually proof of transactions will be very necessary when the bank is offline or a disruption. So you can keep playing calmly even if you are distracted.

Perform Interbank Transactions

If the bank that is usually used is experiencing problems, you can ask Customer Service from the related gambling site to ask directly about the bank that was normal at that time. After that the Customer Service of the linked site will immediately direct you to make transactions to their other active accounts.

Credit Deposit Transactions

You need to know that many online gambling agents have started offering transactions via credit deposits. Of course, this brings happy news for those of you who are afraid that your transactions will be hampered due to bank or offline bank disruptions. Several online gambling agents have started providing deposits from Telkomsel, XL, Axis, Indosat, IM3 operators. But the drawback of making a credit deposit is that players will be charged a credit conversion fee or a credit deposit discount fee. Usually this fee ranges from 0 to 15% depending on the conditions of your subscription gambling agent.

E-Wallet Transactions

Not only credit deposits, the average gambling site out there has started providing transactions via E-Wallets such as OVO, DANA, SAKUKU and there are still a lot of E-Wallet line ups that are quite popular out there. The advantage of making E-Wallet transactions is that users will avoid being offline and the interruptions that often occur in bank transactions.


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