How to Play Domino QQ Online for Beginners

How to Play Domino QQ Online for Beginners

  • March 15, 2021

In the discussion of this article, I will explain how to play domino QQ online. Where this game is certainly familiar to Indonesian society. By only using the basic technique of adding math which is very easy. So it is not surprising that the QQ domino game is in great demand by many people when compared to other online gambling.

As a result of the prohibition on gambling in Indonesia. So it is no longer surprising that at this time many people are starting to glance at online gambling sites. As a means of channeling his talents and hobbies.

Total Value of the Online QQ Domino Card

Cards consisting of 28 pieces on each side. Has a different number judi pulsa online and some have the same number. Where on each card will be represented by a point / value from 0 to 6. It is divided by a red or black center line so that it becomes 2 fields.

Types of Online QQ Domino Cards

Physically, the dominoQQ card type is divided into 2, namely:

Paper dominoes

In general, they are made of paper and there are also paper dominoes made of plastic. That way the shelf life of the card will be more durable. The image or circle on this domino card is usually red and is located on the front of the card.

Block dominoes

In general, they are also made of plastic, but some are still made of wood. Usually the images on block cards are black and some are red which are printed with a 3-dimensional shape in the shape of a basin.

Distribution of cards according to the classification

Group 0

Cards totaling 7 pieces where on one side have the number 0 or are blank.

Group 1

Consists of 6 cards that have 1 dot / 1 large red circle on one side.

Group 2

Have 5 cards which on one side consists of 2 dots / 2 red circles.

Group 3

Total 4 cards which on one side have 3 dots / 3 red circles.

Group 4

The number of cards is 3 pieces and on one side of the card has a side with 4 dots / 4 red circles.

Group 5

Cards totaling 2 pieces where on one side of the card has 5 dots / 5 red circles.

Way of Berma

Group 6

The number of cards is 1 which on this card has 6 red circles on each side.

How to Calculate the Number of Online QQ Domino Cards

Below will be explained about how to count the number of cards in a domino game where each card has a certain value.

Highest Number of Circles

The player who has the card with the highest number of circles will be deemed the winner.

Highest Log

If both players have the same card value. Then the winner will be seen through the highest log card between the two players.

Have a Balak Card

The player who has the log cards will be deemed the winner. If both players have cards of the same rank.

Terms In Domino QQ Online Game

In domino games, there are several terms that must be understood first. As :

Log Card

Also known as twin cards, which have the same number of circles or values ​​on both sides.

Small Pure Card

A card that can be formed if it has a value of 4 cards that does not exceed 10.

Big Pure Card

To be able to get it the value of the card must be between 39 and 41.

Six Gods Card

This is the strongest special card in the domino card game. To get this very rare card. Then each of each card must have a total of 6/6 circles on each card.

Kartu Qiu Qiu

Cards that have a total of 9 circles / total 9 on the 2 cards it has.

The following is an explanation of the distribution of the highest card to the lowest card in the online QQ domino game.

The six god card, is the card with the highest value.

Log cards / twin cards, the card that is second after the six gods card.

Big pure card, where the front card is the 3rd highest online domino QQ.

A pure small card, a card that is still higher than a QQ card or a 99 card.

QQ card / 99 card, the card with the lowest number / value in online QQ domino games.

How to Calculate the Amount / Value of Domino QQ Online

If the number of circles exceeds two digits or exceeds 9, the first digit will be omitted. Because in domino games the highest number / value is 9. Such as:

The number / value of the card that does not exceed the number 10

  • 0 + 4 = 4, then the number / value of the card is 4.
  • 5 + 2 = 7 The sum / value of the cards is 7.
  • 4 + 2 = 6 total of the number / value of the cards 6.
  • Value / number of cards that exceed the number 10
  • 8 + 2 = 10 then the number 1 in front of the number 0 will be automatically removed so that it has a value of 0.
  • 6 + 6 = 12 then the number 1 in front of the number 12 will be eliminated so that the value of the card becomes 2.
  • 7 + 10 = 17 because it exceeds the number 10, then the number 1 in front of the 7 will no longer be used. So that the number / value of the card is 7.

Card value that exceeds 20

  • 10 + 11 = 21 The value 2 that is in front of the number 1 will be deleted so that it has a value of 1.
  • 12 + 11 = 23 number 2 in front of number 3 will automatically be no longer counted. So that the value / sum of these is 3.
  • 12 + 10 = 22 The sum of the two cards is 22 because the first digit has been removed. Then the value of the card is 2.

Domino QQ Online Game Rules

The maximum domino game can only be played by 7 players.

Each player will each get 4 cards with random values.

In the first round before the cards are dealt by the dealer, each player is required to place a bet according to the stake on the betting table.

After the cards are dealt each player is given the opportunity to increase the bet or choose to close the card.

The player who has the card with the highest value will be the winner.

How to Calculate the Domino QQ Online Jackpot Bonus

The results of the online QQ domino jackpot bonus really depend on the amount of the nominal bet that we place on the table.

Example of calculation if placing a nominal bet of 10,000, –

Six god card
jackpot Has a jackpot value of 6666 so that the jackpot value (multiplied by) the stake.

Such as: 6666 x 10,000, – = 66,660,000, –

Jackpot of
balak cards The jackpot value is 100 then the jackpot value (multiplied by) the nominal bet.

Such as: 100 x 10,000, – = 1,000,000, –

Large pure card jackpot The Jackpot
value of 50 means the jackpot value (multiplied by) the nominal stake.

Such as: 50 x 10,000, – = 500,000, –

Small pure card jackpot The jackpot
bonus is 50, the calculation of the jackpot value (multiplied by) the nominal bet.

Such as: 50 x 10,000, – = 500,000, –

Note: the value of the jackpot bonus on each online site agent varies and has different rules.

Tips for Playing Domino QQ Online to Keep Winning

Of course, every player in the online QQ domino game wants to always be able to gain advantage with every win he gets.

The following will explain some tips or ways to play domino QQ online.

Provide sufficient capital

It is very important to prepare sufficient or larger capital when you want to start playing. Because with just barely enough capital, it will certainly raise doubts about following the course of the game. Moreover, when other players with large capital try to bluff / increase the number of bets even though the cards they have are not good.


Learn the rules of the game first

Knowing the existing rules will be an added value in itself. So that when playing, you will not feel confused about the card values ​​and the rules that apply in the game.

Know the chances of cards appearing

Having an instinct for the chance to come another card that will be combined with the cards you already have is very important. Do not be careless by relying on luck or guessing on the cards that will come.

Not always participate in every game round

Don’t force to follow every round in the game even though the cards are bad. There is nothing wrong if you prefer to fold / close the card. Try to play patiently while waiting for a good card to come.

Buy jackpot bonuses

Don’t forget to always buy the existing jackpot bonuses, even more so when you get a good card combination. Of course the jackpot will be an abundant advantage when you succeed in winning the game round at that time.

Be more patient in playing

Patience is of course the main factor to win if you get a good card. Try to be more patient, don’t be in a hurry to increase the value of the bet with a very large nominal. By playing like that, of course, it will make the opposing party know that the card you are getting is good.

Focus on playing

It’s the same with being patient. Focus on playing by understanding the flow of the game and learning the movements / ways of playing from the opposing side. Of course, it will be easier to determine when to choose to stay or close the card.

Tricks to Play Domino QQ Online to Always Win

Some important ways that must be understood to win when playing domino QQ online.


When getting a card is not good, try occasionally to bully the opponent by adding a lot of nominal bets. So that it makes the opposing party who doesn’t have a good card. Or the player who is hoping for good luck to come another combination card will choose to close his card.

Slightly Low

When getting a good card, don’t immediately add a lot of nominal bets. Try to follow or wait for other players who bluff even if they end up winning with a small nominal. But in that way the opponent is difficult to read the way of play / movement of the cards you find.

dominated time

Try to lure the other side by dragging the game a little longer. When choosing to enter the round or close the card. The goal is to learn and find out which opponents are a little impatient. Usually the side with a good card will be a little nervous if they see a slightly longer lap time.

Mistakes in Playing Domino QQ Online for Beginners

In addition to the tips and tricks that have been discussed. Of course, there are still many mistakes that are often made by players / bettors so that they experience continuous defeat.

In the following, we will try to describe this error.

Did not understand the game

There are still many players who understand how to play but don’t understand the values ​​of each card. Therefore, there are still many players who feel confused when they want to get / calculate combination cards.

The capital is in full swing

There are still many players who have limited capital but insist on playing at the big tables in the hope that luck will side with them.

In a hurry to take action

Too hasty when making decisions. Like adding a lot of bet value regardless of how many more players are still active / haven’t closed their cards.

This method is also an advantage for the opposing party who has a bad card to immediately close the card. Moreover, if it is often done, the way to play / your game movements can be easily read by the opposing party.

Too often waiting for the moment

Players who always choose to defend / close their cards when they get a card are not good enough. And will only follow the game when you get good cards. This method will be easily read by the opposing party.

Disturbed by external factors

There are also many players who insist on playing regardless of outside factors. Such as: stealing time during working hours, hanging out with family, during holidays. Or they are disturbed because they do not pay attention to the remaining quota or inadequate network.

How to Create a Domino QQ Online Account

Make sure beforehand which online gambling site will be used as a place to play. Can be through recommendations from friends or through blogs / social media.

Look for the LIST / REGISTER feature on the website. Usually found in the upper right corner.

Before starting to fill out the registration form, it would be good to read the contents of the form first. If everything is in order. Please fill in the registration form that has been provided by the online gambling site with valid data and still active.

After everything is filled, please click OK and don’t forget to check it first. In the small box above the OK button. If the cellphone or laptop screen shows a failure, try filling out the form again. This sometimes happens because when filling out the form it takes too long or there is incorrect / incorrect data. Such as telephone numbers, account numbers or e-mails which are usually not allowed to use spaces when filling in these e-mails.

If the registration form has been filled in completely and correctly, try to check again. If everything is correct, please click OK and wait a few moments. To get confirmation that the account is successful and ready to use.

How to Choose a Domino QQ Online Gambling Site

As a means to start playing online betting gambling, of course, it will be a very important factor. In choosing the best and most trusted online gambling site in order to take advantage of every win that will be achieved later.

Look for online gambling site agents who have been in the business for a long time. That way experience in providing services to members is guaranteed.

Has a security system that is always updated which aims to provide comfort to members from minor disturbances while playing. Such as server downtime and other disturbances.

Make sure the agent is affiliated with a large company that issues online gambling site licenses. That way the privacy of members’ data will be more secure.

Offers complete types of games in 1 place / site so that members don’t feel bored. And want to try other types of games that provide greater benefits.

Dare to give / offer attractive bonus promos to members. That way the capital that will be spent when playing is not that big anymore. And of course it will be an encouragement for members to achieve the target of the bonus promo.

Has friendly customer service and fast response to serve complaints and questions from members. Through the 24-hour livechat feature or other application features such as WhatsApp, BBM or line.
Provides convenience when making transactions which include deposits and withdrawals. That way members will feel more comfortable and don’t wait so long to start playing.

That is the summary of online QQ for beginners that I can convey. Hopefully the article above can help add insights to understanding about Domino QQ online. Thank you for taking the time and see you in the next articles.



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