How to Play Capsa Susun Cards for Beginners

How to Play Capsa Susun Cards for Beginners

  • March 15, 2021

As is known, at the beginning of the game each player will get 13 cards which will be distributed by a dealer at the betting table. You will assemble the 13 cards into a combination which is arranged into 3 lines. Where on the bottom and middle row of cards must consist of 5 cards. Meanwhile, the other 3 cards will be arranged at the very top.

As explained at the beginning of the discussion. The placement of the cards must be in accordance with the applicable capsa regulations. By understanding each capsa rule on an online gambling site, you can be sure that later you will not experience any more problems when playing an online capsa playing poker duit asli card game like this.

In addition, those of you who want to play this playing card game must also know how to calculate the points on each line of the card line. For that, let’s look at the information that I will provide below.

1. Translucent

This calculation system is for one player who has a better card than the other player. Whether it is counted from the arrangement of cards on the bottom row, middle row and top row. If such conditions occur, the player concerned will receive a payment according to the winnings of the card he finds. You need to know, every point you find will be multiplied by the minimum bet according to the capsa rules on the site.

2. Translucent around

If what is meant by the break-through condition is for a player to win each arrangement of his cards against one of the other players, it is also different from the round-through calculation system. In this condition, the circumference is more intended for a player who manages to win or has the highest combination card than the other 3 players.

Regarding the bonus payment that will be received by the player concerned, it is quite large. Every point that is successfully obtained from each hand will be multiplied by 4. It should be noted, this calculation system applies if the betting table is followed by 4 players.

3. Pao

As has been mentioned at the beginning of the discussion. Pao is a condition in which there is a player who makes a mistake when arranging cards. This error is certainly one of the most frightening scourges for every player when playing capsa cards. If such conditions occur, the player concerned will be deemed to have lost Agen Bola Maxbet  the round in the round session.

If the system goes around the player concerned will get paid 4 times. Then it is inversely proportional to the pao system where the player is required to pay a multiplication of 4 times to 3 other players.

For those of you who don’t really know how to calculate points when playing capsa stacking, please look at the example image below.

A Brief Overview Of How To Play Capsa Cards

After reading the explanation as explained above, how do you understand the online capsa card gambling game? Can it be followed properly? The essence of the capsa susun card game actually lies in the arrangement of the cards. Speed ​​and accuracy when arranging cards are needed when playing online capsa stacking.

For those of you who don’t really understand how to play capsa susun, it is advisable to first practice their skills by trying to play offline. As we know, you can also play offline capsa games through the application. You can find various offline game applications in the app store and play store through the various types of gadget or android brands that you have.

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By continuing to hone your skills, of course, your tricks to play capsa susun will increase. That way, to get profit in every win, you can be sure that it is no longer an obstacle for you. Or you can also learn various variants of tricks for playing capsa susun through several forums and blogs that discuss the world of online gambling.

The last step you need to do after understanding how to play capsa cards is to look for online gambling sites. If we pay attention, an online gambling site is now not that difficult for you to get. Through various social media, forums, blogs or even Google searches, there are many online gambling sites that offer the best products.

Easy does not mean that you are required to carelessly choose or determine an online gambling site without paying attention to the background of the online casino dealer. This is because at this time you cannot only experience crime or crime in the real world. But through technology you also experience such incidents.

By taking advantage of current technological sophistication, many online gambling sites are fake and present in the midst of Indonesian society. Most of the several sites are only intended to benefit from each member only. One of the ways is by luring a very tantalizing gift or bonus promo so that the prospective members are impressed so that they join the site.

For that, there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to find a trusted online gambling site through several blogs or forums that discuss the world of gambling. Or it could be through recommendations from your friends or colleagues who have already plunged into the world of online gambling.

How to get a playing account on online gambling sites

To be able to participate in the game, you must first have an account to play on an online gambling site. How to get it? Of course it is very easy, you only need to follow the instructions given by the site. The online capsa stacking menu feature can usually be seen clearly in the middle or right above the main page of an online gambling site.

By accessing this feature, you will be led to the registration form. It is recommended that when filling out the form, the data you provide must be valid and still active. This aims to make it easier for the sbobet Indonesia agent staff to provide information to you about achievement targets and other attractive bonus promos.

That is the information about how to play capsa susun that I can convey. Hopefully the article that I have provided is useful for you in the future. Not to forget I also want to thank those of you who took the time to read this article. If there are errors in writing or delivery, you can help correct them by notifying them in the comments column below. Best wishes to all of you Indonesian bettor.



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