How to Calculate the Domino QQ Online Jackpot Bonus

How to Calculate the Domino QQ Online Jackpot Bonus

  • March 15, 2021

The results of the online QQ domino jackpot bonus really depend on the amount of the nominal bet that we place on the table.

Example of calculation if placing a nominal bet of 10,000, –

Six god card jackpot

Has a jackpot value of 6666 so that the jackpot value (multiplied by) the stake.

Such as: 6666 x 10,000, – = 66,660,000, –

Jackpot kartu balak

The jackpot value is 100 then the jackpot value (multiplied by) the nominal bet.

Such as: 100 x 10,000, – = 1,000,000, –

Big pure card jackpots

The Jackpot value of 50 means the jackpot value (multiplied by) the nominal bet.

Such as: 50 x 10,000, – = 500,000, –

Small pure card jackpots

The jackpot bonus is 50, the calculation of the jackpot Situs Judi Bola (multiplied by) the nominal bet.

Such as: 50 x 10,000, – = 500,000, –

Note: the value of the jackpot bonus on each online site agent varies and has different rules.

Tips for Playing poker online 77 Domino QQ Online to Keep Winning

Of course, every player in the online QQ domino game wants to always be able to gain advantage with every win he gets.

The following will explain some tips or ways to play domino QQ online.

Provide sufficient capital

It is very important to prepare sufficient or larger capital when you want to start playing. Because with just barely enough capital, it will certainly raise doubts about following the course of the game. This is even more so when other players with large capital try to bluff / increase the number of bets even though the cards they have are not good.

Learn the rules of the game first

Knowing the existing rules will be an added value in itself. So that when playing, you will not feel confused about the card values ​​and the rules that apply in the game.

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Know the chances of cards appearing

Having an instinct for the chance of another card that will be combined with the cards you already have is very important. Do not be careless by relying on luck or guessing on the cards that will come.

Not always participate in every game round

Don’t force to follow every round in the game even though the cards are bad. There is nothing wrong if you prefer to fold / close the card. Try to play patiently while waiting for a good card to come.

Buy jackpot bonuses

Don’t forget to always buy the existing jackpot bonuses, even more so when you get a good card combination. Of course the jackpot will be an abundant advantage when you succeed in winning the game round at that time.

Be more patient in playing

Patience is of course the main factor to win if you get a good card. Try to be more patient, don’t be in a hurry to increase the value of the bet with a very large nominal. By playing like that, of course, it will make the opposing party know that the card you are getting is good.

Focus on playing

It’s the same with being patient. Focus on playing by understanding the flow of the game and learning the movements / ways of playing from the opposing side. Of course, it will be easier to determine when to choose to stay or close the card.



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