How to Calculate Online Capsa Royalty Points

How to Calculate Online Capsa Royalty Points

  • March 15, 2021

Arranging card combinations correctly is the key to online capsa games. Besides being able to avoid multiple losses due to incorrect card arrangement. You will also get quite a lot of royalty points if you manage to arrange card combinations properly.

Arrangement of cards on the top line consisting of 3 cards. You will get royalty points starting with 1 point against one pair of six numbers. And the maximum points that will be found if you get one pair of Ace cards is 22 points.

The arrangement of cards in the middle line consisting of 5 cards will get a maximum of 50 points. If you succeed in having a Royal Flush card combination.

Whereas for the arrangement of cards on the bottom line if you get a Straight combination. Then you will get 2 royalty points, but if you have a Royal Flush combination card, you will find a bonus of 25 points.

For a more complete explanation, please see the points description table below:

How to Play Capsa Online for Beginners

How to play cards using 52 playing daftar situs poker idn online terbaik as the main media is still quite simple. If the offline capsa does not have a time limit set at the time of card preparation. So this does not apply when you want to play capsa online. The time given when playing capsa online is usually in the range of 40-60 seconds.

Until now, there are still many errors in the arrangement of cards, either because they have to race against a time limit. Or because the understanding of the game is not well understood. But if you have read and understand the terms that have been fully explained as discussed above. You can be sure that at the time of Agen Bola the cards there will be no more obstacles.

The following is an example of how to properly arrange an online capsa card.

In preparing the online capsa card, it must be in accordance with predetermined rules. Where the bottom row must have a combination greater than the middle row. Likewise for the middle row which must be a bigger combination than the top row.

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If the arrangement of the card combination works better than the other players, then the points that will be obtained are 2. But if the card is successful in defeating the cards of all the players who take part in the game. Then you will win a total of 4 points.

The following will be given an illustrative example of an online capsa game.

Player A who has cards:

  • Bottom line: J ♠ -J ♥ -J ♣ -J ♦ -9 ♠
  • Middle row: 8 ♠ -8 ♥ -8 ♣ -2 ♠ -2 ♥
  • Top row: K ♣ -7 ♦ -3 ♣

Player B with cards:

  • Bottom line: Q ♠ -Q ♥ -Q ♣ -9 ♥ -9 ♣
  • Middle row: 10 ♠ -9 ♦ -8 ♦ -7 ♠ -6 ♠
  • Top row: K ♠ -10 ♥ -5 ♦

Player C has a card combination:

  • Bottom line: A ♦ -2 ♦ -3 ♠ -4 ♠ -5 ♥
  • Middle row: A ♥ -A ♣ -6 ♣ -4 ♣ -7 ♥
  • Top row: 10 ♣ -6 ♦ -7 ♣

Player D with his card combination:

  • Bottom line: A ♦ -2 ♣ -3 ♥ -4 ♥ -5 ♣
  • Middle row: K ♥ -K ♦ -3 ♦ -4 ♦ -5 ♠
  • Top row: Q ♦ -10 ♦ -6 ♥

From the bottom line, the highest card combination is the Four of Kinds successfully owned by Player A. Then the points he will get are 3 points.

For the middle row, the highest card combination sequence is Full House owned by player A. So that player A will get 3 points.

As for the top row, Player B won so that it deserves 3 points.

How is there an overview of how to play capsa cards online for beginners as explained from the start? Not as complicated as what was imagined before, right? In my opinion, the essence of the capsa card game lies in the card combination only. If you already understand about this then congratulations you have successfully passed the first stage.



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