Homeland Proud Poker Player

Homeland Proud Poker Player

  • March 15, 2021

Often we hear the names of awesome poker players from abroad (as we discussed in the previous article entitled: 5 richest poker players in the world and their journey of life). But it turns out that Indonesia also has several names of Indonesian poker players whose shrewdness in playing poker is not inferior to foreign players.

For those of you poker lovers, you may be familiar with the name John Juanda. For those who have never listened to it, maybe ask “How great is the game he really is”. Okay, I will review it for you.

Born in Indonesia, he studied in the United States in 1990 at Oklahoma State University. After graduating from there, he went on to receive an MBA from Seattle University. To help with his tuition fees, John Juanda had worked various jobs in addition to one of his duties was to have a high school track star selling Bibles door to door.

When John wasn’t working or attending class, he went to a local casino to kill his time and that’s where he started honing his skills at playing poker. It didn’t take long for him to discover that poker was his calling. In 1996, John finished college and took his MBA and he went off to look for a bigger stake, California is home to.

John Juanda started playing agen domino terpercaya in tournaments in 1996. He did not have any major wins until 2001, until when he won the ‘World Poker Open Championship’ there started victories and fortunes in his poker career.

In 2002, he won the first ever bracelet of the World Series Of Poker. in 2001 and 2002, John Juanda was the runner up of the ‘Card Player’s Tournament of the Year’. In addition to this award, Juanda has won the awards for all three of the best players.

John Juanda continued to seek titles and in 2004, he won first place in the Professional Poker Tour event and made another 14 final tables.

Here I add 5 Facts about John Juanda:

1. Gambling was the first time in elementary school

As a child, John lacked attention from his parents because he was left at his grandparents’ house in Medan while his parents left him.

Before getting his master’s degree and winning so many tournaments, it turned out that little John had experienced gambling when he was in elementary school. When wearing a red and white uniform, he plays marbles to earn money.

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Before Juanda became the first Indonesian to win five World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments, from this victory, John managed to raise USD 50,000.

2. Born to gambler’s parents

John Juanda is the eldest of four children. What John remembers most when he was a child was that his father used to gamble and often drink alcohol while gambling, causing his father to continue to lose.

these memories made John Juanda never drink alcohol while he was sitting at a poker table but that doesn’t mean John never ordered a drink. He usually Agen Casino Terbaik a drink to give to his opponent.

His father always warned John not to gamble, but John never heeded his father’s advice and now John has become a respected poker player.

3. Getting to know poker when leaving for America

As we discussed earlier. John Juanda went to America for his studies. But when he has free time, he spends his time at a local casino near where he lives.

From there he got to know poker and then honed his ability to play poker to a higher level and win all the titles.

4. In the first tournament, you will get USD 15 thousand

John Juanda entered the tournament in his professional career playing poker in 1999, he was ranked ninth in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament in America.

In his first tournament, he was entitled to win USD 15 thousand. Four months later, in the same tournament he managed to finish in seventh position and was entitled to USD 399,600

During the summer of 2000, that year Juanda spread his wings in professional poker tournaments when he managed to finish six times. At the US Poker Championship tournament in Atlantic City, he managed to finish second and was entitled to a cash prize of USD 159 thousand.

5. After retiring from playing poker, Juanda provided free medical care

John Juanda revealed that he would provide free medical care. He acknowledges all his victories due to interference from God and in retirement he will do something meaningful for his gratitude.

The player with the nickname JJ at this poker table said what God gave him was inseparable from the job he had done as a door-to-door seller of Bibles.

That’s the story of a respected poker player from Indonesia. What do you think about his life journey? if you wish, leave your comments ..



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