History and Development of Poker

History and Development of Poker

  • March 15, 2021

Maybe most of you have often heard of the game of poker, maybe you have even played it yourself. But, do you know the history and origin of the game of poker? yes, in this article I will review the History and Origins of Poker.

Definition of Poker

Cards and Chips

Texas holdem or commonly known as hold’em is a variation of the standard poker game. This game consists of two cards that are dealt to each player and five cards that will be opened by the dealer on the table, five cards are called the Community Card which consists of a series of three (the flop) then the fourth card (the turn or fourth street) and the last card. The fifth is called the river or the fifth streeet, so that each domino qq poker player has the opportunity to bet.

History of Poker

The game of poker has existed since the early 18th century under the names Pochen in Germany, Brag in England and Poque in France. Then, traders from France introduced Poque in America and it was known by its new name, Poker. One source from England states that poker began to be played in 1829 in the city of New Orleans, America. At first poker was played with 1 deck of cards which only consisted of 20 types of cards, unlike now 1 deck consists of 52 types of cards.

Although little is known about the invention of poker, the Texas State Legislature officially recognized Robstown, Texas, United States as the birthplace of this card game in the early 1900’s.


Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker. The popularity of Texas Hold’em has increased since its appearance on television and the Agen Live Casino.

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1. The Popularity of Poker Increases Through Television

James Bond (Casino Royale)

Before poker became widespread on television, the film Rounders (1998) starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, gave audiences the romantic side of the game as a way of life. A match from the classic fight between Johnny Chan and Erick Seidel of the World Series of Poker in 1988 was also included in the film, and equally popular is the centerpiece of the film’s 2006 film James Bond film Casino Royale.

God of Gamblers (Chow Yun Fat dan Andy Lau)

Not only in Hollywood, poker has also been popular through the Hong Kong film, one of which is the God of Gamblers film played by Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau who is commonly referred to as the god of gambling. In February 2015, Chow Yun Fat returned to play partnered with Nicholas Tse in a film called From Vegas to Macau.

2. Popularity of Poker Over the Internet

We all know that the internet is one of the fastest media to capture information, so online poker games are created. Several websites and media offer this game online and offline. Not only that, but it also gives way to entry into big tournaments like the World Series of Poker. The winners in 2003 and 2004 were Chris Moneymaker and Gray Raymer from the World Series No Limit Hold’em Main Event who were eligible to play in this tournament. Although online poker grew from 1998 to 2003, Moneymaker’s winnings appearing on television commercials in 2003 contributed three times the industry’s revenue in 2004.



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