Guide to playing online with real money

Guide to playing online with real money

  • March 15, 2021

Card games, or better known as capsun susun, originating from China, of course, are very popular among Indonesians. So it is no longer surprising that the game can be played by a maximum of 4 people in one session of this round. We can find a lot in all corners of this country. Both those that are only played as entertainment with their friends and there are also those who play it using real money or gambling.

Thanks to the development of internet technology as it is today. Fans of Indonesian card games, of course, don’t worry so much about regulations and prohibitions. Of all forms of gaming-related activities in this country. Moreover, at this time there are already many online gambling sites. Which provides a place for bettors to channel their talents in playing cards online.

Online Play Rules

The online capsa rules are no different from the games we usually play situs poker deposit pulsa. For those who are already proficient, of course, they will not experience any more problems when preparing the capsa card. But for beginners, don’t worry because below will explain things that need to be understood in playing capsa online.

The maximum number of players who can take part in the online capsa game is 4 people. Where each player will be dealt 13 cards each. And then it will be arranged into 3 parts. Which consists of 5 cards on the bottom row, 5 cards in the middle row and 3 cards on the top row. The arrangement of cards must match the card combination from highest to lowest. Starting from the bottom row to the very top.

With the quote from the discussion above, can you understand the basic rules of playing capsa cards? If the answer is already. So I will continue to discuss the terms contained in online capsa card gambling in full.

How To And Order Cards Online

There are several card combinations in the capsa game that you need to understand first. Here’s the explanation:

Dragon Win

Is a combination of the rare and highest cards in online capsa games. Such as: a combination of cards in sequence from cards 2 to Ace. If one of the players has a dragon win card combination, the bettor will automatically be considered the winner in the game.

6 Pair of Cards

Just like the dragon win card combination in general, which is a rare card that is very rare to get. Or so-called Six Pairs Win. Rare but that doesn’t mean it can’t, yeah guys. If there is one of the players who has the card combination. Then the bettor will immediately be considered the winner without having to wait for the game to end.

Royal Flush

Consists of 5 cards of the same suit and consecutive value up to the Ace card. Like A ♠ -K ♠ -Q ♠ -J ♠ -10 ♠.

Straight Flush

A combination of 5 cards of the same consecutive value and suit. Such as: K ♣ -Q ♣ -J ♣ -10 ♣ -9 ♣ and 2 ♥ -3 ♥ -4 ♥ -5 ♥ -6 ♥.

Four of Kind

Unique card with 4 out of 5 cards of the same value. Like K ♠ -K ♥ -K ♣ -K ♦ -2 ♥ and 7 ♠ -7 ♥ -7 ♣ -7 ♦ -9 ♣.

Full House

Just like card combinations from online poker. Which consists of 3 cards of the same value and 2 other cards of the same value. Such as: 2 ♥ -2 ♣ -2 ♦ -3 ♠ -3 ♣ and 3 ♠ -3 ♣ -3 ♦ -2 ♦ -2 ♥.


Consists of 5 cards of the same suit but not consecutive in value. Such as: Q ♣ -10 ♣ -6 ♣ -4 ♣ -2 ♣ and J ♦ -9 ♦ -8 ♦ -5 ♦ -2 ♦.


Players will get a straight if they have 5 cards of consecutive value while the suit is not the same. Such as: 3 ♣ -4 ♣ -5 ♠ -6 ♦ -7 ♦ and 6 ♥ -7 ♠ -8 ♥ -9 ♥ -10 ♦.

Two Pairs

Consists of 2 pairs of cards of the same value while 1 other card has a different value. Such as: 10 ♠ -10 ♣ -5 ♣ -5 ♦ -8 ♦ and 8 ♠ -8 ♥ -2 ♣ -2 ♥ -4 ♣.

One Pair / Pair

Two pairs are required to have 2 pairs of cards of the same value. So one pair combination is only required to have 1 pair of cards of the same value. Meanwhile, the other 3 cards have different values. Such as: 10 ♠ -10 ♦ -6 ♦ -3 ♣ -2 ♣ and 3 ♣ -3 ♦ -6 ♦ -8 ♣ -K ♥.

High Card / Highest Card

Usually there are on the top line which consists of 3 cards. Where the card does not have a combination of pairs so that what will be used as the benchmark is the highest card of the 3 cards. Such as: J ♥ -7 ♥ -5 ♠ -4 ♦ -2 ♥ and K ♦ -J ♠ -9 ♣ -5 ♣ -4 ♥.

After understanding the card combination as described above. It’s incomplete if it doesn’t explain the types of cards from the highest to the lowest. Which is said to be believed to represent the four seasons in Europe.

  • Royal / Spade / Shovel (Black) which symbolizes Winter (Winter).
  • Love / Heart / Heart (Red) which symbolizes Spring (Spring).
  • Clumber / Club / Curly (Black) which represents Summer.
  • Diamond / Diamond (Red) which symbolizes Autumn (Fall).

How to Calculate Online Capsa Royalty Points

Arranging card combinations correctly is the key to online capsa games. Besides being able to avoid multiple losses due to incorrect card arrangement. You will also get quite a lot of royalty points if you manage to arrange card combinations properly.

Arrangement of cards on the top line consisting of 3 cards. You will get royalty points starting with 1 point against one pair of six numbers. And the maximum points that will be found if you get one pair of Ace cards is 22 points.

The arrangement of cards in the middle line consisting of 5 cards will get a maximum of 50 points. If you succeed in having a Royal Flush card combination.

Whereas for the arrangement of cards on the bottom line if you get a Straight combination. Then you will get 2 royalty points, but if you have a Royal Flush combination card, you will find a bonus of 25 points.

For a more complete explanation, please see the points description table below:

How to Play Capsa Online for Beginners

How to play cards using 52 playing cards as the main media is still quite simple. If the offline capsa does not have a time limit set at the time of card preparation. So this does not apply when you want to play capsa online. The time given when playing capsa online is usually in the range of 40-60 seconds.

Until now, there are still many errors in the arrangement of cards, either because they have to race against a time limit. Or because the understanding of the game is not well understood. But if you have read and understand the terms that have been fully explained as discussed above. You can be sure that at the time of compiling the cards there will be no more obstacles.

The following is an example of how to properly arrange an online capsa card.

In preparing the online capsa card, it must be in accordance with predetermined rules. Where the bottom row must have a combination greater than the middle row. Likewise for the middle row which must be a bigger combination than the top row.

If the arrangement of the card combination works better than the other players, then the points that will be obtained are 2. But if the hand is successful in defeating the cards of all the players who take part in the game. Then you will win a total of 4 points.

The following will be given an example of an illustration about the game of capsa online.

Player A who has cards:

  • Bottom line: J ♠ -J ♥ -J ♣ -J ♦ -9 ♠
  • Middle row: 8 ♠ -8 ♥ -8 ♣ -2 ♠ -2 ♥
  • Top row: K ♣ -7 ♦ -3 ♣

Player B with cards:

  • Bottom line: Q ♠ -Q ♥ -Q ♣ -9 ♥ -9 ♣
  • Middle row: 10 ♠ -9 ♦ -8 ♦ -7 ♠ -6 ♠
  • Top row: K ♠ -10 ♥ -5 ♦
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Player C has a card combination:

  • Bottom line: A ♦ -2 ♦ -3 ♠ -4 ♠ -5 ♥
  • Middle row: A ♥ -A ♣ -6 ♣ -4 ♣ -7 ♥
  • Top row: 10 ♣ -6 ♦ -7 ♣

Player D with his card combination:

  • Bottom line: A ♦ -2 ♣ -3 ♥ -4 ♥ -5 ♣
  • Middle row: K ♥ -K ♦ -3 ♦ -4 ♦ -5 ♠
  • Top row: Q ♦ -10 ♦ -6 ♥

From the bottom line, the highest card combination is the Four of Kinds successfully owned by Player A. Then the points he will get are 3 points.

For the middle row, the highest card combination sequence is Full House owned by player A. So that player A will get 3 points.

As for the top row, Player B won so that it deserves 3 points.

How is there an overview of how to play capsa cards online for beginners as explained from the start? Not as complicated as what was imagined before, right? In my opinion, the essence of the capsa card game lies in the card combination only. If you already understand about this then congratulations you have successfully passed the first stage.

The following will help with the explanation via the video below.

In the next stage, I will try to explain several other factors as support for playing capsa online with real money.

Tips for Playing Capsa Online to Win

Play Capital

When talking about capital, of course it is very important. The greater the capital to be used, the greater the chance to win the card game. Moreover, with the large capital owned. You can immediately play at the big betting table, which is certain the percentage to get a bigger win.


Time is also an important factor when playing. Try to find the right time when you want to play, never play if you don’t have free time. Such as: hanging out with friends, coworkers and family. Calmness and comfort when playing is the key to success in order to take advantage of the winning results that will be achieved.

Rules of the Game

By knowing the rules that exist in every trusted online capsa gambling site first. Then it will be an added value for potential bettor. So that when playing you will not feel confused about the card values ​​and the rules that apply in the game.

Pay attention to the Signal in the surrounding area

First, make sure the area around you has a good enough signal to start playing. This is especially so when the time limit card is drawn. If it is disturbed by the slow signal factor, it is not impossible that this will result in an incorrect card arrangement. If this happens, of course, it will make a large amount of loss in the game round session.

Focus on playing

All types of card games in online gambling certainly require concentration, focus and accuracy when playing. Even more so when playing capsa online. If you don’t want to experience errors when arranging cards. Try to be more careful in looking at every possible card opportunity to make the right combination.

Tricks to Play Capsa Online to Keep Winning

After discussing the tips, it is certainly incomplete if you don’t discuss the tricks of the game.

Time tomorrow

Try to finish the deck faster than the other players. Sometimes there are some players who don’t really like it if they wait too long. Automatically in such a way will make the player’s concentration become chaotic. So that they want to quickly complete the arrangement of the cards.

Move around the betting table

The goal is to arrange expenses while waiting for the right time and betting table. Like when you have won several rounds at a large betting table, try moving to a small table. The game will not only be won so it would be better to play with smaller stakes. While waiting for the right time to enter the bigger betting table later.

How To List Online Capsa On The Best Sites

Make sure beforehand the online gambling site that will be used as a place to play. Either through recommendations from friends or through blogs / social media which have been widely published at this time.

Look for the REGISTER feature on the front page of the online gambling site. Usually it is in the upper right corner or the middle part of the gambling site.

Before starting to fill out the registration form, it is better to read the contents of the form first. If everything is in order. Please fill in the registration form that has been provided by the online gambling site with valid data and still active.

After everything has been filled in correctly, please click OK and don’t forget to check it first. Usually in the small box above the OK button. If the cellphone or computer screen shows a failure, don’t immediately panic but try to repeat filling in the form again. This sometimes happens because when filling out the form it takes too long. Or there is data that is wrong / not filled in correctly and completely. Like telephone numbers, account numbers that will be used as a means of transaction. Or email accounts that are usually not allowed to use spaces when filling out the form.

If the registration form has been filled in completely and correctly, there is nothing wrong with checking it again. If everything is correct, please click the OK button and wait a few moments. Until you get confirmation that the account has been successful and ready to use.

How to Choose a Trusted Online Capsa Gambling Site

It is very important to be more careful when choosing an online gambling site when you want to play. Because at this time there are so many fake gambling sites that aim to deceive prospective members for one-sided advantage.

Surely you don’t want that to happen right? After a long time in the world of gambling. Here I will help describe how to determine the best and most trusted online gambling site to be used as a place to earn fortune later.

Look for bookies or online gambling site agents who have been running the business for a long time. That way, experience in providing services to members is definitely a priority.

Has a security system that is always updated which aims to provide comfort to its members from minor disturbances while playing. Such as server downtime.

Make sure the bookie on the online gambling site is joined by a large company that issues licenses for online gambling sites. That way the privacy of members’ data will be more secure.

Offers complete types of games in 1 place / site. So that it can make the members not feel bored who can only play the same game. With various types of games, of course, the members will be increasingly challenged to try other types of games. What’s more, a game that will provide a greater advantage than the previous game.

Dare to give / offer attractive bonus promos to members so that members will be more interested. What’s more, the roll bonus offered will make the capital spent when playing is not that big anymore.

Has friendly customer service and fast response. In order to serve complaints and questions from members who experience confusion about the game. In addition to the livechat feature which is available for 24 hours, other supporting communication applications are also highly recommended. Such as: BBM, whtasapp, line and others.

Provides convenience when making transactions such as when filling deposits and when withdrawing withdrawals. That way the members will certainly feel more comfortable so they don’t wait so long to start playing.

This is a summary of how to play online for beginners that I can convey. Hopefully the article above can help add insight to understanding about online card games. Thank you for taking the time and see you in the next articles.



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