Guide to Playing Dice Online for Beginners

Guide to Playing Dice Online for Beginners

  • March 15, 2021

Some steps that must be known before starting to play dice online.

Choosing a game table

Each betting table is believed to be influential for a gambler to win when playing sicbo gambling.

Here are the steps you can take when choosing a betting table:

1. After entering the online gambling site. You can search for sicbo gambling games by clicking the Live Casino or IDNLIVE menu.

2. Choose an online sicbo dice dealer according to your beliefs to be able to win while playing.

3. After choosing which dealer will be used as a place to play situs judi poker terbaik. Try to choose a table limit according to the balance you have.

4. Determine the desired betting table by looking at the number of players on the betting table.

Read the bet column

Exit, in the form of a sign to leave the betting table to the lobby.

Balance, namely the amount of balance held at that time.

Win, the number of wins generated while playing.

Bet, the amount that has been bet.

View game history

Learning the history of the game from the betting table allows you to read the flow in the next round of sessions. This is usually located to the left of the computer screen.

There are several options that can be seen when viewing the history of the betting table. As :

1. History table: column that stores game information on previous rounds. Where the rightmost order is the latest result in the round session at the betting table.

2. Statistics: is a record of the percentage of all the results Agen Bola Terbesar from the round session at the betting table.

How to place a bet

The following will explain some of the steps that must be considered. When placing bets in order to avoid mistakes that can harm you.

1. If you have made your choice.

Determine the amount you want to bet when placing. Which is usually a chip whose value is the same as real money.

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Coins or chips are a tool used in the game to determine the nominal amount that will be used as a bet. The value of a chip is equal to the value of the original money you wish to bet on.

  • 1K coins = IDR 1,000
  • 5k coins = IDR 5,000
  • 10k coins = IDR 10,000
  • 50k coins = IDR 50,000
  • 100k coins = IDR 100,000
  • 500k coins = IDR 500,000
  • 1M coins = IDR 1,000,000
  • 5M coins = IDR 5,000,000

2. Place bets according to the predetermined choices.

3. After placing bets on all the selections. The last step to do is press the SUBMIT button which is usually green. Aims to inform the dealer that the bet on this selection has been fixed without changing or adding to the bet again.

Some explanations about the buttons on the betting table.

  • Undo, is a button to place a bet again on that option. By returning / reversing bets that were canceled or canceled during the round session.
  • Clear, which means deleting / canceling the entire bet selection that has been made on the grounds that you are not too sure about the choice.
  • Re-Bet, a button that is performed to place the same bet on the previous selection.
  • Timer, is the time given to each player to determine his bet selection.
  • Dice Result, which will usually be marked with a flashing light as a result of the dice roll being shuffled. Where the result will be the benchmark to determine the winner of the round session. As in the picture below which will be marked in yellow.

If you already understand all the types and terms found in sicbo dice online as explained above. So the next stage I will discuss about the right strategy to win when playing online casino dice.



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