Guide to playing Capsa Susun online with real money

Guide to playing Capsa Susun online with real money

  • March 15, 2021

Card games, or better known as capsun susun, originating from China, of course, are very popular among Indonesians. So it is no longer surprising that the game can be played by a maximum of 4 people in one session of this round. We can find a lot in all corners of this country. Both those that are only played for entertainment with their friends and there are also those who play them using real money or gambling.

Thanks to the development of internet technology as it is today. Fans of Indonesian card games, of course, don’t worry so much about regulations and prohibitions. Of all forms of gaming-related activities in this country. Moreover, at this time there are already many online gambling sites. Which provides a place for bettors to channel their talents in playing cards online.

Rules for Playing Capsa Susun Online

The online capsa rules are no different from the games we usually play offline. For those who are already proficient, of course, they will not experience any more problems when preparing the capsa card. But for beginners, don’t worry because below will explain things that need to be understood in playing bandar qq online terpercaya.

The maximum number of players who can take part in the online capsa game is 4 people. Where each player will be dealt 13 cards each. And then it will be arranged into 3 parts. Which consists of 5 cards on the bottom row, 5 cards in the middle row and 3 cards on the top row. The arrangement of cards must match the card combination from highest to lowest. Starting from the bottom row to the very top.

With the quote from the discussion above, can you understand the basic rules of playing capsa cards? If the answer is already. So I will continue to discuss the terms contained in online capsa card gambling in full.

How and Order of Online Capsa Susun Cards

There are several card combinations in the capsa game that you need to understand first. Here’s the explanation:

Dragon Win

Is a combination of the rare and highest cards in online capsa games. Such as: a combination of cards in sequence from cards 2 to Agen Judi Bola Terbesar. If one of the players has a dragon win card combination, the bettor will automatically be considered the winner in the game.

6 Pair of Cards

Just like the dragon win card combination in general, which is a rare card that is very rare to get. Or so-called Six Pairs Win. Rare but that doesn’t mean it can’t, yeah guys. If there is one of the players who has the card combination. Then the bettor will immediately be considered the winner without having to wait for the game to end.

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Royal Flush

Consists of 5 cards of the same suit and consecutive value up to the Ace card. Like A ♠ -K ♠ -Q ♠ -J ♠ -10 ♠.

Straight Flush

A combination of 5 cards of the same consecutive value and suit. Such as: K ♣ -Q ♣ -J ♣ -10 ♣ -9 ♣ and 2 ♥ -3 ♥ -4 ♥ -5 ♥ -6 ♥.

Four of Kind

Unique card with 4 out of 5 cards that have the same value. Like K ♠ -K ♥ -K ♣ -K ♦ -2 ♥ and 7 ♠ -7 ♥ -7 ♣ -7 ♦ -9 ♣.

Full House

Just like card combinations from online poker. Which consists of 3 cards of the same value and 2 other cards of the same value. Such as: 2 ♥ -2 ♣ -2 ♦ -3 ♠ -3 ♣ and 3 ♠ -3 ♣ -3 ♦ -2 ♦ -2 ♥.


Consists of 5 cards of the same suit but not consecutive in value. Such as: Q ♣ -10 ♣ -6 ♣ -4 ♣ -2 ♣ and J ♦ -9 ♦ -8 ♦ -5 ♦ -2 ♦.


Players will get a straight if they have 5 cards of consecutive value while the suit is not the same. Such as: 3 ♣ -4 ♣ -5 ♠ -6 ♦ -7 ♦ and 6 ♥ -7 ♠ -8 ♥ -9 ♥ -10 ♦.

Two Pairs

Consists of 2 pairs of cards of the same value while 1 other card has a different value. Such as: 10 ♠ -10 ♣ -5 ♣ -5 ♦ -8 ♦ and 8 ♠ -8 ♥ -2 ♣ -2 ♥ -4 ♣.

One Pair / Pair

Two pairs are required to have 2 pairs of cards of the same value. So one pair combination is only required to have 1 pair of cards of the same value. Meanwhile, the other 3 cards have different values. Such as: 10 ♠ -10 ♦ -6 ♦ -3 ♣ -2 ♣ and 3 ♣ -3 ♦ -6 ♦ -8 ♣ -K ♥.

High Card / Highest Card

Usually there are on the top line which consists of 3 cards. Where the card does not have a combination of pairs so that what will be used as the benchmark is the highest card of the 3 cards. Such as: J ♥ -7 ♥ -5 ♠ -4 ♦ -2 ♥ and K ♦ -J ♠ -9 ♣ -5 ♣ -4 ♥.

After understanding the card combination as described above. It’s incomplete if it doesn’t explain the types of cards from the highest to the lowest. Which is said to be believed to represent the four seasons in Europe.

  • Royal / Spade / Shovel (Black) which symbolizes Winter (Winter).
  • Love / Heart / Heart (Red) which symbolizes Spring (Spring).
  • Clumber / Club / Curly (Black) which represents Summer.
  • Diamond / Diamond (Red) which symbolizes Autumn (Fall).



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