Everything About the SBOBET Online Football Gambling Site

Everything About the SBOBET Online Football Gambling Site

  • March 15, 2021

As a true online soccer gambling player who likes to play soccer betting on the SBOBET site, do you know all about SBOBET? There is still a lot of information about online and outside soccer gambling about SBOBET that we would like to inform you so that you can become a true SBOBETTER.

After knowing all about SBOBET both inside and out, then you can say that you are a gambling judi bola online player who loves the SBOBET site.

Reported by guidesperjudian.com, here are the things about SBOBET, both soccer gambling and casino that you should know.

The year the SBOBET company was founded

2004 was the year when SBOBET was discovered by a businessman who came from Malaysia. Initially at the time of formation, SBOBET was completely unregistered and did not have a license. Only after the scandal and growing in Asia did he register with the Philippine government and get a license.

Year of entering Indonesia

SBOBET just entered Indonesia in 2006. With a strategy of finding land cities in Indonesia and making them online agents.

SBOBET as a football sponsor

Online betting company SBOBET is also fond of sponsoring European clubs. But because in 2009 there was a rule that the Premier League could not sponsor gambling because it was feared that minors and young people would be exposed to gambling, so SBOBET replaced the logo of the Cardiff City youth academy team with Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice.

2010-2011 SBOBET became a sponsor for Cardiff City. In 2012-2013 he became a sponsor for West Ham United. In 2013 under the auspices of Celton Manx, SBOBET became a sponsor and official partner of Swansea City AFC, West Ham United FC, Southampton FC, Hull City AFC and Norwich City FC

In 2016 in February, SBOBET was announced as the official sponsor of Wexford Youth in the Premier division of the League of Ireland.

In 2016 in March, SBOBET became the official betting partner of Dundalk FC in the League of Ireland Premier Division.

In April 2016, SBOBET became the official betting partner of St Patrick’s Athletic FC in the League of Ireland Premier Division.

And currently SBOBET is the sole sponsor of the Soccerex Asian Forum in Singapore.

Initially it was just soccer betting

At the beginning of the establishment of SBOBET, this online gambling company only offered soccer games. Over time, SBOBET added other games that are still included in sports such as basker, tennis, and others.

In 20010, SBOBET bought an online casino company based in the Philippines under the name 338a. Then incorporate the casino gambling into the SBOBET site.

SBOBET also offers binary options

Not many know that the SBOBET site also offers financial games such as playing forex or stocks. The game is binary options. In contrast to gambling games, binary options games offer games based on the combined world share price as well as the sale of foreign currencies.

This game is less attractive to players from Indonesia, but players from Europe and other Asia really like this unique game.

Most countries that are SBOBET players

Did you know that the most players from SBOBET casino and online soccer gambling are from Indonesia. Nearly 70% of the players who actively play every day are Indonesians. The remaining 30% is a mixture of various Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Piliphinam, and China.

Nearly 90% of the players who come from Indonesia are male players. Sports gambling still dominates compared to slot machines or casinos.

Games not available on SBOBET

Everyone knows that the SBOBET site is very complete when it comes to gambling. Starting from online sports betting (soccer betting, basketball betting, horse racing, hookey, F1, tennis, etc.), online casino (baccarat, roulette, sicbo, black jack), online lottery, binary options, and slot games. There are gambling games that many people play but not on the SBOBET site, namely: poker, craps, agile ball (video poker) and cockfighting. Hopefully in the future SBOBET can add several types of gambling games that we just mentioned.

Origin of SBOBET employees

It is still in the hands of Indonesians. Most of the employees are employees who come from Indonesia. They occupy everything from opertaro, football market publisher to manager level.

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The rest are employees from the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. Usually employees who come from Vietnam, Thailand, and China occupy positions as marketing.

SBOBET head office

SBOBET’s head office is in the Philippines. Why the Philippines, because SBOBET’s operating license for Asia is issued by the Philippines. In addition, there are also reasons for monitoring. Supervised by the Philippine government, SBOBET had to open an office which later became the head office in the Philippines.

Cannot commit 3 offenses

If you work at the SBOBET company, especially in the online soccer gambling market, if you make a mistake up to 3 times, the penalty is being fired.

Minimum salary at the lowest level at SBOBET

The lowest salary when working at a SBOBET company is $ 700 or the equivalent of Rp.10,000,000

We can go straight to sbobet

Do you know if we can directly play on the sbobet site? Only the payment must use a credit card and the minimum deposit is 400 thousand Rupiah. You have to register SBOBET directly on the website without going through an agent. Unfortunately they only speak English.

Most blocked sites

So if the site most frequently hit by positive internet blocks is the SBOBET website. The most alternative links that are owned by online betting sites are also held by SBOBET

Sbobet is the first site originating from Asia to enter the European market
The first online betting site to enter the European market is SBOBET. Thanks to the license issued by the Isle of Man government, SBOBET can operate the European continent. Without a license from the Isle of Man, SBOBET is only a site that operates in Asia.

There is a lot of double player data

Especially players who come from Indonesia, there are lots of double data such as names and bank account numbers of players from Indonesia. How come? Because players who come from Indonesia, it costs to play through an agent. They don’t just play with one agent, they play at several SBOBET online bookies. The meaning is that there are often similarities between one player and another.

But this isn’t a big deal as long as the player doesn’t claim the bonus. There are no restrictions for players who want to play when they play at one dealer and move to another dealer. The online bookie will not know if you have played anywhere else. But SBOBET knows about it.

SBOBET is not willing to break into the Chinese market.

Yes, that is a reality that must be accepted by SBOBET, this online soccer gambling company is unable to penetrate the Chinese market because online bookies originating from China also have their own sites and even have their own machines which are preferred by online soccer gambling players from China.

SBOBET collaborates with IDN play

IDN play is an online betting site that provides online gambling betting services such as online poker, ceme, capsa and others. Currently, SBOBET has collaborated with IDN play. So for those of you who want to play poker and soccer gambling, you don’t need to bother having two game IDs, in an online betting site that is licensed for IDN play, you can get all the games in just one account.

SBOBET income

It is very difficult to predict the exact net income that the SBOBET site will get because there is no single explanation given by SBOBET. But according to the estimates from our team, the revenue earned from the SBOBET site is in a matter of trillions in one month.

SBOBET highly upholds responsibility gambling

As an online gambling betting company, SBOBET highly upholds responsibility gambling, which means playing gambling with full responsibility. The way SBOBET awakens its players to make gambling bets responsibly is by providing a special page that discusses responsibility gambling. Apart from that, SBOBET also provides a feature where players can freeze the account for the desired time period. That way players cannot play gambling as long as that time is still not due.



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