Do this if you win a lot from online soccer betting at SBOBET

Do this if you win a lot from online soccer betting at SBOBET

  • March 15, 2021

For people who always lose when playing sports betting, especially on the SBOBET site, maybe you haven’t read our article about how to win on the sbobet site, or maybe you are doing old tricks that can no longer be used when playing on SBOBET. We believe that if you are consistent in practicing for what Billy Walters did, you will definitely become successful and rich from online soccer gambling.

Okay, we won’t talk about losing anymore, because this segment emphasizes what you have to do if you win a lot from the SBOBET soccer betting site. It doesn’t have to be from the SBOBET site either, if you can win a lot and keep going from other sites, you can also follow the suggestions that will be discussed below.

Just go straight ahead!

1. Save money

Really classic. But that’s what you have to do. Save the money you get from winning playing situs judi bola. By saving money, you will earn interest. Even though it’s not the amount of interest, at least you get additional money from the winnings.

Save the money from your online soccer gambling.
Instead of the money you use for fun, it is very meaningless. After you finish your fun, you won’t have any more money to make the next bet. This can make you also poorer than before. So remember, save your winnings.

2. Deposits

Savings with deposits are two different things. If you save money from your online soccer gambling winnings, one day you need that money, you can immediately take it and use it. Meanwhile, if you make a deposit, the money cannot be taken or used immediately, you have a contract with the bank. After the contract is complete, then you can reuse the money or continue with a new contract.

By depositing winning funds from online soccer betting results at SBOBET, at least you have taken care of yourself. If one day you play online soccer gambling and then lose playing because of emotions and forget yourself, you cannot immediately spend the money you have earned from the previous bet because it is being held by the bank according to the contract.

So this is a kind of brake for you to rest for a week while waiting for the contract time to end. Once the time the deposit contract is over, you may not renew the contract, use the money to play online soccer gambling again.

Deposits will also give you interest that is greater in value than ordinary savings. But there is a requirement for deposits to have a minimum value and a period of time.

3. Buy gold

Buying gold here does not mean we are buying gold jewelry. But buying gold bullion is like buying gold bullion from PT Antam. Yes, if there are only gold jewelry shops around you, rather than not, it’s better to just buy jewelry.

The drawback is that if you buy gold at a gold jewelery shop, once you want to sell it back, you will be deducted at an additional cost. If you buy gold bullion from the winning results of Kalina soccer gambling, then you can keep the gold until the gold price rises. Once the price rises you can sell it and make a profit from the price difference.

Another positive value is that gold is very liquid whenever you want to sell it, it will definitely be accepted by the market. But what does it have to do with online soccer gambling? So this is the connection, once you see a good opportunity on the SBOBET site, you are sure you will win if you bet on the match and require large capital to place the bet. You can immediately sell the gold that you have hoarded as capital to bet on SBOBET.

Note: if you are asked by the bank at or the gold bullion seller where you got the money from, don’t admit that you got the money from playing online gambling bets. If you say that then the business can be long.

4. Allocate for the next game

Every time you get a win from soccer gambling, you have to allocate a certain percentage of funds as a reserve fund or an additional capital to bet at a later date.

If you do not set aside these funds as a reserve fund, someday you are not in a good condition, aka lose. You don’t have spare funds to fight back your defeat. Finally, you have to owe there yesterday to get betting capital on the next gambling.

If you allocate the winning funds as additional capital in the future, it means that you have leveled up once you have double the initial capital when playing online soccer gambling. Of course, the wins you get will also be greater than when you have mediocre capital.

What is the best value to be allocated?

According to our observations and calculations, you should allocate 30% of the value of the previous soccer gambling bet winnings to be used as a reserve fund.

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Likewise, the allocation of funds used for the next capital is 25% of your total winnings playing online soccer gambling at SBOBET.

So the total allocation of these funds is 55% of the winnings you get. You can use the remaining 65% for other purposes as discussed above or discussed below.

Why is the allocation for the reserve fund greater in value than the allocation of the next capital fund?

Yes, the name is also playing online soccer gambling. Anything can happen man! What is clear is that there are only two possibilities that occur, namely you win or lose. Once you win, it is saved and reallocated. But what if you guys lose? With a reserve fund for defeat, it means that you still have the opportunity to buy other bets in the hope that you can get a win at that time.

Meanwhile, the allocation for the next capital will only be used to increase capital in the next bet so that your bet value will be bigger and get a bigger winning profit.

5. Do charity

That’s right, you will also know that getting money from gambling is usually referred to as hot money. Many say that the devil’s money is eaten by jinn. So so that the money doesn’t run out of being eaten by the devil or the genie, we better use it for charity. Good will always triumph over evil.

By doing good deeds, at least we have shared our happiness with people who cannot feel happiness or those who are deprived.

Doing charity to people who are less fortunate then we will get a special happiness when the person we help says prayer and gratitude. You cannot buy or get this happiness even though you get a lot of money from betting online soccer gambling.

The prayers and gratitude uttered by those we help are the most blessed prayers. Why is that? Because last night people always prayed for help when they were suffering, but never prayed and gave thanks when they had pleasure. Also, this kind of gratitude and prayer is what will usually be granted.

How much money should we practice if we win online soccer gambling bets?

In charity, there is no definite standard of how much value must be donated. The more we donate, it means that more people will be helped, but that doesn’t mean the more we donate, the more successful we are in playing online soccer gambling.

Do good deeds according to your ability and most importantly do good deeds sincerely. If you do charity but are not sincere, then you do not need to do charity.

6. Enjoy your win

Go have fun after winning online soccer gambling bets at SBOBET.
Well, this is definitely what you are waiting for the most. You have taken the trouble to analyze the game data and existing soccer matches and guess the results of the match. Your hard work pays off with the victories you get in online soccer betting at SBOBET.

If you have done the steps above well. Get yourself to pamper your body and brain every now and then, go have fun according to what you like. Refreshing is really needed by everyone so that muscles and nerves that are already tense relax and calm down again. That way you are ready and fresh when making the next online soccer gambling bet.

But remember not to cross the line. The war is not over yet, tomorrow there is still another war.

How much money can we use for fun?

We recommend that you only use 3-5% of your total winning money in one period. Do not take too much because the name to go for fun usually goes too far. For example, in one period of the English league season, you get a profit from playing online soccer gambling at SBOBET of IDR 200 million. So you can use this money for fun, which is IDR 200 million x 4% = IDR 8 million. Don’t go beyond that if you want to succeed in becoming the greatest soccer gambling player.

7. Repeat the above steps.

This is the most important thing you have to do if you want to continue to be successful and get money continuously from the SBOBET website. Repeat all stages from number one to number six. Smart people are not necessarily successful. But successful people are always doing something constantly.

People who are new to this field will definitely ask if it is true that we can get a lot of money from online soccer gambling at SBOBET. Of course the answer depends on how you analyze each game and existing data and process your finances. You can prove it by playing directly on the SBOBET website. To create an account, please read how to join a trusted SBOBET Indonesia agent.



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