Discussion Regarding Real Money Online Games

Discussion Regarding Real Money Online Games

  • March 15, 2021

On this occasion I will discuss several types of online gambling games that use online. As the main media in playing. Especially for the Indonesian people themselves who are more familiar with the game with the term domino gaple online. Of course, you are familiar with the card gambling game.

Domino online gambling game which consists of 28 cards, which each side has a varying value. Each card will be represented by a dot with a value of 0 to 6. Which will be divided into 2 fields by a red or black line on the center of the card.

Types of Online

Physically, the types of cards used in the domino game are divided into 2, namely:

Paper Made Cards

In general, the material of the card is made of paper and some are coated with plastic. In addition to the longevity of the card being more durable, the card will also usually look nicer or shiny. The image or circle contained in this online dominoQQ is usually red which is located on the front side of the card.

Block-Shaped Cards

Block-type cards are usually made of plastic but some are still made of wood. The images or circles on the card are usually black and some are red. Which is printed with a 3-dimensional shape in the shape of a basin.

Types of Domino Games Online

Online gambling games that use cards when deposit pulsa poker playing are divided into 2 types, namely:

Domino QQ Online

At the beginning of the game each player will get 3 cards which will then be given 1 additional card. In order to be able to combine the 4 cards into a combination with certain values. The player who has the highest combination card will be the winner of the round session at the betting table.

Domino Ceme Online

Unlike the domino qq game. In domino ceme, each player will get 2 cards which will be pitted directly against the card owned by the dealer. The card with the highest combination will be deemed the winner of the round session of the game.

After on previous occasions I have discussed about the game of dominoes qq online. So in this article will be more inclined to give an explanation about the game of dominoes ceme.

Division of Ceme According to the Classification.

Group 0

Cards totaling 7 pieces where on one side have a value or the number 0. Of the 7 cards there is 1 card that has a value of 0 on each side. Or so-called empty logs.

Group 1

Consists of 6 cards which on one side have a value of 1. Usually marked with 1 large red circle or 1 dot on one side. Of the 6 cards, there is 1 card that has the same value on both sides. Or it is called a one-of-a-kind card.

Group 2

In dominoes there are 5 cards that have 2 dots or 2 red circles on one side. Of the 5 cards, there is 1 card with the same value or number on each side. Usually better known as a two-card log card.

Group 3

A card that has 3 dots or 3 red circles on one side. The 4 cards have 1 special card or also known as a three-card log card. It is said to be special because each side of the card has a number of circles with the same value or number.

Group 4

The 3 cards have 4 dots or 4 red circles on one side of the card. There is also 1 special card or usually referred to as a four-card log card in that class of cards.

Group 5

In a domino game, there are 2 cards that have sides with the same value or point. One special card contained in this group is often referred to as the five balak card.

Group 6

Cards that only amount to 1 piece or more are known as log cards, where each side has 6 dots or red circles.

Domino Ceme Online Playing Rules

Card game that can be played by 2 to 8 players. Where one of these players will later act as a dealer. The online domino ceme game can only be started if one of the players is willing to become a dealer or dealer. At the betting table.

Before the distribution of cards, each player is required to determine his bet first by placing the amount he wants on the betting table.

After that each player will be given 2 cards each including the dealer who will later be pitted. The card holder with the highest value will be deemed the winner of the round session of the betting table.

How to Calculate the Amount of Ceme Online

Below will be given an explanation of how to count the number of card circles on online dominoes. Which in each of these circles has a certain value.

In a domino ceme game the highest number of cards is 9 and the lowest value is 0. If there are 2 cards that add up to more than 9 then the total value of the cards must be reduced by 10. Such as:

Highest Number of Circles

The player who has the highest number of cards will be deemed the winner of the round session at the betting table. As :

But when the player and banker cards both have a value of 9. Then the banker will automatically be deemed the winner of the round session. In accordance with the regulations listed on international and Asian online domino sites.

Highest Log

The term card with the highest log will be used if the player and the dealer have the same number of cards. Then the winner of the round session will be determined by the highest log cards that are owned by each card. As :

Have a Balak Card

If the player and banker have the same number of cards. Then the winner of the round session will be determined through the log cards that are owned.

Important Notes to Play Domino Ceme Online

Below will be explained by means of an illustration if there are 2 players at the betting table who take part in the game.

  • Player A has a total card number of 3.
  • Player B has a card with the number 7.

The city or dealer has a card with a number of 4.

With this condition, player A will be deemed to lose and the bet will be given to the dealer.

Player B has a number of cards with a higher value than the dealer. Then the dealer will pay according to the number of bets placed by player B.

Players Will Get Paid 2x From The City If:

Players get cards with a value of 9 or even Qiu (2 people, 4 people, 6 people). Then the payment that will be received is only 1x from the nominal stake.

There are an odd number of players (1 person, 3 people, 5 people) with cards worth 9 or Qiu. The payout that the player will receive will be multiplied by 2 from the nominal bet placed.

If the card number value of the player and the dealer is the same, then the value of the bookie card will be considered to be the winner. Players will be considered to win the bet if the card they have is higher than the dealer card.

The following below will explain via video how to play domino ceme online.

Types and trusted online domino playing guides

The bonus only applies to the jackpot and will be given when the player or dealer gets a special card. It’s different from domino qq games in general. Where in ceme dominoes, the way to get special cards is to combine card combinations that are owned by the player and the dealer.

If the dealer wants to get a jackpot bonus. Then it is mandatory to buy or install a jackpot option for each player who follows the game, including for himself.

Players are only required to place bets on the jackpot option for themselves. If you want a bonus when you get a combination card in each round session on the betting table that is followed.

If the cards owned by the player and the dealer match one of the special cards. As will be explained below. Then the jackpot bonus will be given to the player or dealer who bought the jackpot in that round session.

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Six Gods Card Jackpot

Is a rare card or card with the highest combination when playing domino online. Both when playing domino qq and domino ceme.

Of the 28 cards in online dominoes, there are 4 cards that have six dots or red dots. To get a six god card combination, the player and the dealer must have these 2 cards each.

Balak Cards or Twin Series

The card that is in second place after the six gods card. Cards that have the same value or red dot on each side. To be able to get the card combination, players and dealers are required to have 2 cards each.

Big Pure Card

It is a combination of 4 cards that have a dot or red dot totaling 39 to 43. The jackpot bonus will be given to the player and the dealer if both of them have the card combination. Just like other types of bets. To be able to get a bonus from a large pure card combination. Players and dealers are required to place bets on the jackpot selection at the betting table that is being followed.

Small Pure Card

Consists of 4 cards that do not exceed 10. The total number that must be owned by the player and the dealer is 5 to 9.

A bonus table that can be found by players and dealers if they succeed in having a jackpot card in an online domino game.

The amount of bonus that will be received by the player and the dealer if they succeed in getting the jackpot combination card is. Based on the nominal amount bet on the round session placed on the betting table. But if the player and dealer do not place bets on the jackpot slot. So when you get a jackpot bonus combination card you will not get it.

Usually the jackpot fee that must be placed on a betting table is in the range of 100, 500 or 1000.

If you already understand about domino online games as described above, below will be given some strategies and ways to start playing online card gambling.

Strategies to Win Playing Domino Ceme

Some tips and tricks needed for a player to win. When playing trusted online dominoes with real money.

Understanding the Game

It takes an understanding of the game of dominoes before starting the game. What’s more about betting on jackpots that are still very often overlooked by players. So that the opportunity to win the bonus is missed just like that.

Specify the target

Every player must have a target that he wants to achieve while playing. That way the player can adjust the time when to stop and when to continue playing. Moreover, if you have won, it would be nice if you choose to stop playing.

As much as possible, stay away from greediness because it will only harm yourself when playing domino betting online.

Bet Amount Control

Having an instinct when to bet with a small amount and when to bet on a large amount is very necessary when playing. If the winds of luck are on your side, there is nothing wrong with multiplying the bet amount in order to get a sizable profit. In the next round of sessions at the betting table.

Take advantage of promo bonuses from online gambling sites

With the increasing number of online gambling sites that we can find at this time. Of course, it will be easier for the bettor to make a choice. What’s more, if the online domino agent is there to give a bonus roll promo for its members when playing.

In addition to the benefits of using the roll bonus as capital to play. Bettor can also be helped to minimize the overall total loss from the roll bonus he has achieved.

How so much fun isn’t it? Besides being able to be a means to get a side income. Android online domino gambling can also be played at a very flexible time. Which can be played anytime and anywhere.

Guidelines for Choosing a Trusted Domino Online Gambling Site

As a means to gain profit when playing domino online games. Of course, this will be a very important factor in choosing the best and trusted sites in order to win.

Look for an online domino dealer who has been in the business for a long time. That way, experience in providing the best service to members is guaranteed.

Has a security system that is always updated or up to date. Which aims to provide comfort to members from minor disturbances while playing. Such as when experiencing server downs and other disturbances.

Make sure the online domino dealer has joined a large company that issues online gambling site licenses. That way the privacy of members’ personal data will be more secure.

Offers the most complete types of games in 1 place / site. So that it can make members not feel bored with just one type of game. And once these members will certainly try to play in other types of games that provide greater benefits.

Dare to give / offer attractive bonus promos to each of its members. That way the capital that the members will spend when playing domino games online is not that big anymore. And of course it will be an encouragement for members to achieve the target of the bonus promo.

Has friendly and fast response customer service to serve complaints and questions from members about online gambling games. Apart from providing a 24-hour livechat feature, it would be nice that the online gambling site also has other application features. Such as: BBM, WhatsApp, line and others.

Ease of transaction which includes deposits and withdrawals is very important for members. That way members will feel more comfortable and don’t wait so long. When you want to start playing and stop playing domino online.

How to Register Indonesian Online Dominoes

Make sure beforehand which online gambling site will be used as a place to play. Either through recommendations from friends or through blogs / social media which can be found at this time.

Look for the LIST / REGISTER feature on the website. Usually it is in the upper right corner of the online gambling site.

Before starting to fill out the registration form provided by the online site, it would be good to first read the contents of the form. If everything is in order. Please start filling out the registration form that has been prepared in accordance with the valid data and still active.

After everything is filled in, please click the REGISTER button at the bottom. And don’t forget to first check the small box which is usually above the REGISTER button. If the cellphone or laptop screen shows a failure, try filling out the form again. This sometimes happens because when filling out forms that are too long or there is incorrect / incorrect data. Such as telephone numbers, account numbers or e-mails which are usually not allowed to use the space key when filling in the e-mail.

If the registration form has been filled in completely and correctly, try to check again. If everything is correct, please click the REGISTER button and wait a few moments. To get confirmation that the account is successful and ready to use.

After the account registration is declared successful. Immediately make a deposit first so that the balance in the account has capital that will be used to start playing later.

If you still have problems or there are things you want to ask about the games that are available. Please contact customer service directly through the 24-hour livechat feature provided by the domino ceme online gambling site.

Such is the summary of the discussion of online dominoes for beginners that I can convey. Hopefully with the article above can help increase your insight to understand about online domino gambling. Thank you for taking the time to read and see you in the next articles.



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