Discussion Regarding How to Play Roulette With Real Money

Discussion Regarding How to Play Roulette With Real Money

  • March 15, 2021

Roulette is a very popular game for online gamblers. Besides how to play roulette which is relatively easy to understand. The benefits that can be achieved are also quite large when you win in the game.

Game using small balls made of metal. That will be thrown to a small wheel on a table that will then be rotated. As the main medium in play. The result of the rotation of the wheel will determine the number placed by the players.

On this occasion I will try to explain the various types and terms contained in online roulette games.

Types of Roulette Games Online

In general, roulette consists of 2 types, namely:

1. European Roulette, has 37 number slots in 1 spin wheel. Which consists of numbers 1 to 36 and a single number, namely 0.

In European roulette or online roulette it has 18 numbers in red and 18 numbers in black. For the number 0 is usually marked in green.

2. American Roulette, has 38 number slots in 1 spin wheel. The difference with European roulette is at 0 which has 2 numbers.

Just like European roulette where American roulette also has 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers. But American roulette has the numbers 0 and 00 in green.

In European roulette there are certain rules when you want to play poker 777 online, namely

1. Sharing

If the result of the tossed ball on the spinning wheel stops at 0. Then all bets on that round will get half the nominal stake.

2. En Prison

Just like La Partage in general, the only difference in this rule is that players are still given the opportunity to choose. Either half of the stake returned will be taken or left until the next round. But if the result of the next round returns 0 then the bet will automatically be considered a loser.

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How to Play Roulette Online for Beginners

If you already understand all the types and terms that exist in online roulette. So there is nothing wrong with trying to start playing on a trusted site that has Agen Bola Terbaik your choice.

The following will explain how to play online roulette with real money.

1. Fill out the deposit as needed to play online roulette.

2. Look for the betting table according to the desired bet. It is advisable for beginners to choose a smaller betting table first.

3. Start playing and select one of the bet types according to his / her desire to place or place the bet. the types of options have been described in the discussion above.

4. After all players make their choice. Then the dealer or dealer will spin the roulette wheel and the ball will be thrown in the opposite direction into the wheel.

5. The number at which the ball stops is the result of the game session. If it matches your betting choice, the payment will automatically enter or add to your account balance.

To place bets on online roulette games, you must use chips. Where 1 chip is equivalent to the value of 1,000, – rupiah.

  • 1 = IDR 1,000
  • 5 = IDR 5,000
  • 10 = IDR 10,000
  • 50 = IDR 50,000
  • 100 = IDR 100,000
  • 200 = IDR 200,000

The following will be explained through pictures about how to directly play online roulette.

As in the illustration image above. The ball thrown at the spinning wheel produces the number 16. Then the options that are declared correct are:

  • Small Bet ( 1 – 18 ).
  • Even Bet ( Genap ).
  • Red (Red).
  • 2nd 12 is because the number 16 is between the numbers 13 and 22.
  • Column bet on the first row 2 to 1.
  • Straight up bet on number 16.


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