Discuss What Is A Chicken Pama

  • April 12, 2021

The most common fighting cocks are crossbred by the bobotoh, one of which is the Burmese cock, which is originally a fighting cock from Myanmar. Burmese chickens are very much cross-bred with other fighting cocks. For example, Burmese chickens are cross-bred with Brazilian chickens, Burmese chickens are cross-bred with Filipino chickens. Then the Burmese chicken is cross-bred with Pakhoy chicken and many more. So it is not surprising that Burmese chickens are found everywhere with different characteristics both in terms of body posture, color of feathers or how to fight. Because this Burmese chicken does not only have one type.

Of the several types of Burmese chickens that I have mentioned earlier from the results of interbreeding. Then I will explain to you the pama chicken. This pama chicken is a special term for Burmese chickens that are obtained from the results of cross breeding or the cool language is crossing breeding. This pama chicken is cross-bred between real Burmese chicken with other fighting cocks such as Burmese chicken with Saigon chicken, Burmese chicken with Siamese chicken, and Burmese chicken with Malaysian chicken. This pama chicken is actually the name for the Burmese chicken which is cross-bred with the chicken I mentioned earlier. So it’s easier to call the chicken.

The Origin of Pama Chicken

But before that, I will explain to you the origin of this pama chicken. Initially, this pama chicken was an original Burmese chicken that was cross-bred with the Bangkok chicken from Thailand. Of course, the results obtained are very good because the two chickens have extraordinary advantages. Moreover, the Bangkok chicken which is already very famous for its fighting prowess and has become one of the unbeatable fighting cocks. Which was then followed again by the Burmese chicken which was no less great than the Bangkok chicken. So it is called the fighting cock as pama chicken, do not know what pama situs judi online slot.

Burmese Chicken X Saigon Chicken

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After that, this Pama chicken is cross-bred again with other fighting cocks as I have mentioned earlier. The nature of this pama chicken is still about 50% genetically following the Burmese chicken, so the fighting style is not much different from the original Burmese chicken. Burmese chickens cross-bred with Saigon chickens are called magon chickens. The results obtained are also very good, for example, they are resistant to the blows they get from their opponent. After that had an extremely hard punch as well, which then had a very accurate punch. So when brought into the cockfighting arena, the owner will be very confident.

Burmese Chicken X Siamese Chicken

The next cross-breeding is between Burmese chickens and Siamese chickens which are called mathai. The results obtained from this cross-breeding between Burmese and Siamese chickens are also very good. Namely, this mathai chicken is a fighting cock that is antilocked or cannot be locked by its opponent when competing in the arena. After that, he has a quiet and unloading fighting technique where this technique is very dangerous for his opponent because this technique is a deadly technique. Coupled with the hard and accurate hitting, so that makes this mathai chicken as one of the fighting cocks that are also popular with many bobotohs.

Burmese Chicken X Malaysian Chicken

Next is the Burmese chicken which is cross-bred with Malaysian chickens which are called makhoy chickens. Malaysian chickens are also one of the fighting cocks that have their own advantages that are feared by their opponents. Therefore, they took the initiative to fontana99 cross-breed Burmese chickens with Malaysian chickens. The results obtained were very satisfying, such as pecking his opponent on the wing, thigh and placing a hard punch on his opponent. After that, do not lag behind with his accurate punches which were brought from the Burmese chicken genes. So that the makhoy chicken is currently becoming popular and is very widely used by bobotohs in the Siamese country.


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