Complete discussion of online dice with real money

Complete discussion of online dice with real money

  • March 15, 2021

Online Sicbo or better known as Koplak Dice is an online casino game that uses 3 dice. As the main medium when playing this is a game that is in great demand by gamblers. Even though the pattern of how to play shaking dice has many variations, this game is still classified as very easy to play.

Before internet technology developed rapidly as it is today. In general, this small and big dice game can only be found in mainland casinos. But with all the conveniences to access the internet at this time. Of course, it makes it easier for players to more freely channel their talents in playing situs qiu qiu dice online.

In this article, I will try to explain in full about the online dice gambling game. The real thing still has the same betting and methods as when playing at mainland casinos.

How to Play Sicbo Online for Beginners

Even though the ban on playing online dice gambling is very strict in Indonesia. But there are still many players who are still desperate to play it secretly. In order to avoid dealing with the authorities. The bookies agree to provide a place to play. As at this time we can find many online gambling sites scattered out there.

Apart from being flexible, it can be played anytime. We will also enjoy various kinds of promos offered by every Indonesian online gambling site.

Game by guessing the number of output numbers from 3 dice. Those on each side of the dice that have a different number or value will be shaken in a container or bowl. The winner will be determined based on the combination of bets placed by the gamblers during the round session.

1. Dice

A tool used when playing sicbo to generate a number of numbers. Which will then be matched with a combination of bets placed by gamblers. Each side of a die has a different value or number.

2. Container

As a cover tool to place 3 dice in it, which will then shake the three dice. The sum of the three dice after the closing tool is opened will be the benchmark to determine the winner of the game round session.

3. Betting table

As a medium intended for gamblers to place these bets. In accordance with the types of bets that have been set by online gambling sites.

Types of Online Sicbo Games on the Best Online Gambling Sites

In online dice games, there are several terms that must be understood before starting the game. The following will explain in detail about these terms.

Big or Small Bet

Bet type by guessing the outcome of the 3 dice. Which results in large numbers (11 to 17) or small numbers (4 to 10).

If you guess correctly you will receive a payout of 1 to 1. The winning percentage of this type of game is 48.61%.

Even or Odd Bets

Guess the outcome of the 3 shuffled dice that is odd (3-5-7-9-11-13-15-17) or even (4-6-8-10-12-14-16-16).

The payout if you guess correctly is 1 in 1. The percentage of winning when choosing this bet is 48.61%.


Choose the output of 2 dice that have the same number or twins. While 1 other dice produce different results.

When you guess correctly, the payout you will receive is 1 in 8 with a winning percentage of 7.41%.


The very rare dice result is 3 dice with the same number. But if you are lucky to guess it correctly, the payout received is very large, which is 1 in 150. The percentage to win this bet is 0.46%.

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Any Triple

Select all dice with the same number or triplets. Example: the output of 3 dice with number 2, number 4, number 1, number 5, and so on.

Payment of 1 in 24 will be obtained if you guess correctly. The winning percentage for this bet is 2.78%.

Total Says

It takes a strong instinct to play on this type of bet. Where is required to choose or guess the number correctly from the output of the three dice that are shuffled in the container. Example: guessing number 4 then the results of the three shuffled dice must be 1-1-2.

The payment that will be received if you guess correctly on this bet varies according to the output number of the dice. As :

  • Number 4 and number 17: will get a payout of 1 in 50 with a winning percentage of 1.39%.
  • Number 5 and number 16: the payout will be 1 in 30 and the winning percentage from this bet is 2.78%.
  • Number 6 and number 15: when guessing the number correctly, the payment that will be received is 1 in 18. The percentage of winning from this bet is 4.63%.
  • Number 7 and number 14: will receive a payment of 1 in 12 if you guess it correctly. The percentage of this win is 6.94%.
  • Number 8 and number 13: on bets on this number the percentage of winning is 9.72%. With payments to be received in the amount of 1 in 8.
  • Numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12: The total payout is 1 in 6 with a winning percentage of 11.57%.


Choose the combination of 2 numbers that will be generated by the dice. Example: If you choose Numbers 2 and 4. Then the results issued by the dice must be 2-3-4, 1-2-4, 2-4-5, 2-4-6.

The total payment received is 1 in 5 with a winning percentage of 13.89%.

Any One Number

Choose one of the numbers that will come out of the 3 shuffled dice. The payment to be received is in accordance with the results of the output of the dice numbers. As :

  • When choosing the number 2 and the result that comes out of the 3 dice is 2-3-5. Then the total payment to be received is 1 to 1.
  • If you choose the number 2 and the result of 3 dice there is a double / twin then will receive a payout of 1 compared to 2. Example: 2-2-6.
  • Triple or also called set where all three dice produce the same number. Example: 2-2-2. If you manage to get it, you will get a payment of 1 instead of 3.
  • The following below will be given an example of an online dice game.

With the output of the results from the 1-2-4 dice, the following are the specifications of the winnings from the round session:

  • Small: The total number of 3 dice numbers that come out is 1+2+4 = 7.
  • Total Dice: It is at number 7 according to the output of the three dice after adding up.
  • Domino: If the player places a bet on 1-2, 1-4 and 2-4, the bettor will win.
  • Any One Number: Players will be deemed to have won when placing bets on the number One, number Two and number Four.

After understanding the types of games available on sicbo dice online. Below I will explain about the guide when playing dice online.



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