Billy Walters, The Greatest Football Betting King in the World

Billy Walters, The Greatest Football Betting King in the World

  • March 15, 2021

When it comes to gambling, everyone knows you can never win forever but there are some people who can beat the game of gambling by winning it consistently and no one is better than Billy Walters. He made bets on football betting and basketball betting. The news was that he won hundreds to millions of dollars and was so successful that many Las Vegas bookies were afraid of accepting the bets Billy would place.

The story about Billy Walters seems to be just gibberish, because Billy always avoids appearing in public and is very good at hiding his secrets. After running his success for 3 decades, finally the man who has the nickname “Kentucky Hillbilly” wants to come out to be interviewed by one of the CBS private TV stations in the 60 minute program. Walters promises to open the door to his gambling life that he’s been running for years in Las Vegas.

Life stories will be told at meetings in his house, at the pool and also at the golf courses he plays bandar judi bola with his friends.

If Billy Walters is playing golf it means he is playing it for entertainment, but if playing golf can earn you money to pay for a living, why not? Billy said, showing how he played golf with his friend Jimmy Mcalle, some friends and casino entrepreneurs. In golf alone they can bet up to $ 5,000 per hole excluding who will be the winner at the end of the game.

In his life, Billy said that he almost practiced gambling in all aspects of his life. In 2010, Billy made a bet on the super bowl and won $ 3.5 million.

Nevada is the only state in America that legally accepts bets on all sporting events. Most gambling players come here to play sportsbook bets such as soccer, basketball and football in the casino to play their bets. The total rounds of betting values ​​that occur each year are around trillions of Rupiah. But no player has put up more than Billy Walters. But you will never see him making bets in the casino.

Walters has an accomplice in the casino who helps him to place bets in every sporting event that exists. They always move according to what Billy ordered, by telephone. Meanwhile, Billy works from a magnificent room in his house, sitting in front of a large table equipped with various kinds of computer screens and sports broadcasts. Billy felt much like a professional stock player compared to a professional gambler.

Every year, people tried to keep spying on Walters and even dig up the trash that came from his house, trying to learn what team he was good at in the match, how much he bet. In order to protect the betting activity that made him wealthy, Walters was passionate about security and confidentiality. All of his accomplices used pseudonyms such as “Jaber” and “Wolfman”. One of Walters’ many collaborators was a retired bookmaker / creator of voor betting value in soccer gambling.

In achieving his success, Willy also formed an organization whose members are almost all mathematicians and experts in analyzing data so that they can analyze what will happen if one of the players in the team gets injured. They all act like analysts at a financial company.

Speed, accuracy, and confidentiality of information are the keys to success that Walters uses in processing the data he has collected to make a bet he will make. Even his consultants who have worked for him for 30 years have never seen each other.

alters in processing the data he collects into a bet he will make. Even his consultants who have worked for him for 30 years have never seen each other.

Has Billy ever lost a bet? yes, Billy must have lost a bet, he even admitted that he could lose for days or even months. But he hasn’t lost for several consecutive years.

Everyone in the gambling industry in Nevada has great respect for Billy, they even call him a “white shark” because Billy is the most dangerous player in sports betting, especially soccer gambling in the history of Nevada and the world.

Walters was the greatest football player


Despite being a very wealthy person who always travels on his private jet, Billy never forgets to do charity. He always donated millions of dollars of his fortune to charities. Billy is very motivated to do charity in a place known as opportunely village where this place is intended to educate people who are mentally retarded because Billy has a child who has serious brain damage.

Profile of life

William T. Billy Walters was born on July 15, 1946. Is a businessman, a philanthropist and philanthropist and a seasoned gambler who is widely recognized as one of the most successful sports gambling players in Las Vegas, recorded victories on their knees in 30 years.

Walters grew up poor in rural Munfordville, Kentucky. His father was an auto engine mechanic who died when Walters was 18 months old. Walters was later raised by her grandmother in a house without water and plumbing in her home. Her mother was an alcoholic, leaving Walters with her two younger sisters not long after her father died.

In 1987, Billy began to stop all his gambling activities apart from betting on sports especially soccer gambling which is the root of all his businesses. Today, Billy has a holding company that oversees eight car dealerships, eight golf course companies in Las Vegas, car rental companies and a number of luxury properties leased to the rich.

Early life

Walters highly praises and cherishes her grandmother for instilling a strong work ethic in her since she was a child. Her grandmother set a good example by raising seven children while doing two household chores such as cleaning the house and washing dishes. At the age of seven, Walters got from the bank $ 40 which he used to buy a lawn mower and start a lawn mower business. At the age of nine he secured a second loan of $ 90 to start his new newspaper delivery company. Surely it was Walters’ grandmother who helped Walters organize and manage the money loan.

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“My grandmother is my soul”. Not only did he give the confidence to be an entrepreneur, “he’s my role model,” Walters said in an interview.

His grandmother died when Walters was thirteen, forcing him to move to Louisville, KY and live with his mother. There he also did 2 jobs, namely in the morning working at a bakery and at night working at a gas station. While living with his mother, Walters accidentally rented a room in the basement from his mother which became a room. He married before graduating high school and the age of the marriage is very short.

Success in business

In 1965, Walters began working for a used car company McMackin Auto Sale in Louisville. The technique used is unique, namely by sending promotional letters to 10 people where these people are neighbors of the customer who just bought his car. He also often reads and places car advertisements, invites other traders to buy and sell with him, and does not hesitate to offer prospective buyers his phone number from the telephone book. Walters, in his time selling cars an average of 32 cars a month, was making $ 56,000 a year in 1966 – roughly $ 400,000 today.

Walters worked very hard, 80 hours a week selling cars and keeping dealer records. In 1967, he was appointed sales manager at Steven’s Brother Auto Sale company. He worked until 1972 at Steven’s Brother, eventually after having strong connections, Walters started his own company under the name Taylor Boulevard Auto Sale, a wholesale car company to other dealerships throughout southeastern America.

While running his own company, Walters was also frequently involved in sports betting, especially soccer betting. In 1981 he started leaving the automotive world to become a full-time professional soccer gambler. Even Walters has its own betting service. In 1982, he pleaded guilty to counts of infringement on gambling property and activities in Kentucky. The charges were later dropped from his criminal record.

From then on he decided to move to Las Vegas with his beloved wife, Susan. The reason for moving to Las Vegas is more because that is the best opportunity to develop in the field of gambling and also the reason for legal gambling activities in Las Vegas.

Gambling career

Walters began to develop his gambling instincts when he was 9 years old. At that time he bet the money he made from delivering newspapers on the New York Yankees to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1955 World series. The Brooklyn Dodgers won and Walter had to lose the money. But this doesn’t give up for gambling. Walters was an idiot gambler until 1982. He had lost up to $ 50,000 by the time he was 22 years old. Even if Walters ever lost his house while playing a game of gambling throwing a dime, fortunately the winner was kind enough not to foreclose on his house and then made an agreement with Walters, the debt will be paid off within 18 months.

The wheels don’t always turn, that adage was a perfect fit for Walters in her 30s. In June 1986, Walters requested a withdrawal of the $ 2 million he had earned from the roulette table at the Ceasars Atlantic City casino. However, it was not approved by the casino because Walters had just lost twice for $ 1 million at the blackjack table, he boycotted the Ceacers casino and moved to the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel now known as the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Walters and his gambling partners ended up bringing in $ 2 million into the Atlantic Club Casino and Hotel. The duo he and his partner only place bets on the numbers 7-10-20-27-36 on the roulette table. In 38 hours of play, they both won $ 3.8 million beating Richard W’s record of $ 1.2 million. Three years later, their syndicate managed to drain $ 400 thousand at a casino in Las Vegas as well as an additional $ 600 thousand from Claridge Casino in Atlantic City. Walters was also listed as a Super Bowl winner in a 1986 poker tournament making $ 175,000.

Sports betting

In the 1980s, he joined a computer group that used computer analysis data to analyze the results of sports games such as football betting, basketball, football and so on. For 39 years, Walters has had only 1 year of losing and 30 year winning streaks. Even though he got a red report card in a few months, he always managed to blacken the value of the bet report card he made at the end of the year. Walters also won a fantastic $ 3.5 million bet on the XLIV super bowl after a bet against the New Orleans Saints. Due to its well-known reputation, Walters has always placed bets through its clients so that the bookies don’t know that it is Walters.

In 2007, Walters won a $ 2.2 million bet for the University of Southern California against the University of Michigan with a final result of 32-18. He claims he can make $ 50 million to $ 60 million in a good year. Due to his numerous victories, Walter has been in contact with the Nevada Attorney General’s office 4 times, but the charges are always dropped because he is not proven to be cheating.

Walters is the only football gambler willing to regulate the small size of the existing football gambling market in Las Vegas. Although there is a competition market that he does not like, he is willing to make the cities to change the existing market and then make very big bets when the betting market is already in line with what he wants.

Personal life

Billy Walters has 3 children. A daughter by the name of Tonia, two sons Derin and Scott where the son named Scott suffered from a brain tumor. Walters was also an avid golfer, claiming to make $ 400,000 in one hole and $ 1 million in a single spin.

Walters also owns a $ 20 million private jet and owns seven homes. Recorded in 2014 his net worth is $ 100 million.

Not everyone can become a professional soccer gambling player. It is inconceivable that Billy would register with the online soccer gambling agent SBOBET and then bet there.



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