Basic Guide to Playing Sakong

Basic Guide to Playing Sakong

  • March 15, 2021

Poker Bulletin – Sakong online gambling game or which has the intention of 3 kings / 3 kings is one of the games that is quite popular to be played by the general public in online gambling games. This game itself is actually quite new for the PKV server, but because this game was already famous in the offline gambling world, the PKV server decided to bring this game to the realm of the online gambling world.

This game itself uses bridge cards (rummy cards), not dominoes that are commonly used in other games. The basic rules of this game are actually not that much different from other games.

If you are a dominoqq, aduq, and bandarq poker99qq player you will immediately understand how to count cards in this pocket game. But there are also quite striking differences in this game.

The basis for calculating card value

The first is about how to calculate the value of the card. As we know, the method of calculating value in the domino card game is all the same. The largest card value is 9. If the card exceeds the value of 9, the tens of the cards will be erased so that a player can score 0 if the total card value is 10 or 20. Even in pocket games, the method of counting the cards is the same. However, the highest card value is 10. So if there are players who get a card value exceeding 10, then the value of the tens will be deleted, so that the smallest value of this game is 1.

Certain cards also have a value, for example cards K, Q, J have the highest value of ten. This Sakong game also has a special combination card that can double the value of your winnings and get a jackpot. These cards are:

  • 3-picture card (Combination of K, Q, J cards) if you get this card, your winnings are multiplied by 2
  • Cards 10-10-10 if you get this card, your winnings are multiplied by 2
  • JJJ card if you get this card, your winnings are multiplied by 2
  • QQQ card if you get this card, your winnings are multiplied by 2
  • KKK card if you get this card, your victory is multiplied by 2
  • AAA card if you get this card, your winnings are multiplied by 3
  • The AAA card combination is the strongest card combination in the pocket game.
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Game mechanism

The game of sakong is basically similar to the bandarq game. Where there will be a player who will act as a dealer. The cards obtained by the player will later be exercised with the cards obtained by the dealer.

If a player has cards that are draw or smaller than the dealer, then they will lose. However, if the player gets a card that is bigger than the dealer, then the player wins.

It is a natural thing if 2 winners are found in 1 table, this happens if the case is that one player’s card is bigger than the dealer and the other player’s card is smaller than the dealer.

But more uniquely, there may be cases where all players’ cards Daftar Agen Sbobet be bigger than the dealer cards.

Jackpot on Sakong game

Sakong games are one of the games that have a jackpot. If you want to get a jackpot, make sure you have checked the sign of approval to buy a jackpot of Rp. 1,000 per game round. Because if you get a jackpot card combination but don’t check the jackpot purchase, then you won’t get a jackpot prize.

The combination card above is a card combination that is used to determine the jackpot size as well. The amount of the jackpot that is obtained is

  • 3-picture card (KQJ combination) jackpot IDR 50,000
  • 10-10-10 jackpot IDR 200,000 card
  • Kartu JJJ jackpot Rp.300.000
  • Kartu Q-Q-Q jackpot Rp.400.000
  • KKK jackpot card Rp.500.000
  • The AAA jackpot card corresponds to the nominal jackpot pot on the table.

These are card combinations that can get a jackpot in pocket games.

Thus our review of the basics of playing sakong, hopefully this article can be useful for readers. Thank you for your attention.



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